No Smoking Day


Hi, i gave up smoking as a new year resalution thingy....

Im now on day 21.

But ove the last few days i have been having the..... one wont hurt thoughts.... even tho i know i will feel, really angry with myself, feel sick and really really p**d off if i do.

So took to looking around the internet seeing if i can find some help.

I have been smoking for around 30 years, i gave up in 1995 when i found i was pregnant with my first son, stopped for nearly 5 years, then started again, blamed stress.

In 2003 i stopped again when i found i was pregnant with second son, but started within days of having him.

But over the last couple of years, have really been feeling the effects of smoking, breathlessness, no stamina etc... and i have had the feeling that i really really want to give the bloody things up.

I have lost both of my parents to smoking..... my mum in 1994 and my dad 2007.

So just reading a few of the other posts has helped me.... but thought i would do a post myself.

Anyway good luck to all the others out there, keep going, coz im gonna....

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Hello and welcome.

That just one feeling is very common but you already know that it wouldn't be just 1

there is a great post here which is worth a read to.

Hang in there and push those thoughts to 1 side.

Its really worth staying stron.

Good luck



Thanks for that Nic.... just what i needed...;)


Don't do it mate....

It is the Day 3, Week 3 and Month 3 ambush.... sabotage against you... DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!


Hi Ladygray

Welcome - I have printed that post off and keep it with me. Every time I feel the need I re-read it just to remind me.

As Stevebuta says it is the Day 3, Week 3, Month 3 syndrome. Keep yourself busy, read, drink water, chew a pencil or something, anything to get through.

All the best Ladygray - keep coming on here for sound advice as well there is plenty of it, and of course some fun as well.:D



PS - I pop an airwaves in whenever I feel an urge. Works wonders.


Hello ladygrey, welcome. Well done for your progress so far! You've made exactly the right choice to quit, and the right choice of where to come for that all important advice and support. I'm so sorry to hear about your parents, I'm certain you don't want your lads to go through the same.

You seem to be in exactly the right frame of mind though, which is definitely the most important thing! It's completely natural to keep thinking 'just the one'... but just the one will turn into 5, then 10, then 20, and before you know it you'll have failed miserably and it'll be back to square one. So as Joel Spitzer says: NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!

Hope we've made you feel a little better about it, best of luck with continuing quitting!


2 great (re-)posts there Catwoman, very worth seeing again.

I remember reading the Junkie Thinking one early in my quit, and found it very helpful.

Read and digest people,




Please continue don't give up


Please continue not to smoke..just don't smoke and its already good that you have less smoke in your lungs now.Think of it as the life that you want to live.Forget those thoughts that you must have a stick.

You will have more writing it down makes me feeling better too.I have save a lot of money too.

Best wishes for you ...

Keep it up



I read through this thread before I went out last night, it was in the back of my mind that I might join the other smokers for "just one" but reading all the posts must have helped as I didn't, although sorely tempted, especially after a few glasses and smelling the smoke coming through the door (and missing the gossip). I am feeling so smug and pleased with myself this morning! Day 21, bring on week 4!

ps sorry if anyone doesn't like my name, i am trying to change it


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