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a break from smoking


hands up why likes shoping..not me...what is it about women and shoping..my misses drives me up the wall shoping..now i now you women will say its a women thing...but why do you look in every shop .and end back up in the first shop and by that dress or jeans..we men put up with a lot of things from our other half..but would we change it ..after 45 years i dont think so..women are women,they will never change.bless em...kepp the faith tony

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If women didnt shop-where would your meals come from? where would your kids uniforms come from? where did your shirts come from? where did the sofa come from which youre sitting on whilst writing this thread? Where would your shaving kit come from? where did the loo roll come from to wipe your arse?

Life would be very difficult for you if women didnt shop!!!

And as for shopping around-we are just assessing the best deals!!!!

All hail to women and the drudgery of shopping to make mens life easier!! LOL:D

Im sure you were expecting a response like this-youre asking for trouble you!!!- now go and give your wife a kiss and say 'thankyou for shopping'

ok you win ::) sorry

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