No Smoking Day

My Reasons

I have had type 1 diabetes for the past 4 years and when it was diagnosed I decided it was time for a complete lifestyle change.Every leaflet you read about diabetes tells you not to smoke. I have probably stopped smoking about 5 times since then (NRT) but have never had much faith in myself achieving it.

I was expelled from school for smoking and eventually completed my education in University at the age of 33 - at least 10 years of earning potential wasted.

4 years on and I'm determined to stop the fags, get excercising and cut down on beer. I also found my 17yr old daughter had been smoking, something I thought would never happen as both my kids were very anti smoking up until then. I couldn't believe she had started, obviously not aware that her Mum and I were desperate to stop ourselves.

When I see other people smoking I don't associate myself as being like them, it looks such a stupid thing to do, but it seems perfectly normal to do it yourself:confused:

In summary my reasons for stopping are






Cold Feet (from standing outside every hour smoking:eek:)

I hate the bastard things and blame my choice to smoke for many downfalls so far in life (I would probably be a millionaire today otherwise:p)

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sound like good reasons to me! x


Hi John

Very good reasons to quit, and maybe by seeing you quit the ciggys it will put the thought in your daughters head.

Keep it up hun you are doing great :)




Hi John, your reasons are good ones,Stick with it keep strong and read,read,Read,education is the one thing that will help you.

good luck:)


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