1 month

yesterday (06.01.09) was 1 month for me. it was also my birthday so i had double celebration. i cant believe i made it to 1 month. it seem so far away when i first stopped smoking. cravings are not really giving me any problems now and i feel much happier. I NOW BELIEVE I CAN BE A NON SMOKER. hope everyone is ok and all the newbies keep believing in yourself, it does get easier I PROMISE YOU


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  • Hey! welcome to the forum andwell done on your quit, stay strong and keep us all updated xxx:)

  • hi janet 41..well done on one month,,you are doing good..it does get easier as time goes by...go girl you just keep the faith tony

  • Well done Janet - It's fanastic to be counting in Months, isn't it?

  • Well done Janet and also Happy birthday first of many smoke free. xxxxxx

  • Good going!

    Its great to get the month under your belt!

  • 1 month !!!! Did you ever expect to get to one Month on day 1...you are an inspiration !!

    I hope you have decided to reward yourself on getting thus far and never stop giving up :)

    well done!

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