No Smoking Day
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3 months and 3 weeks tomorrow or 15 weeks if you prefer!!

I still think about cigarettes from time to time ,Its not a craving as such its more like a memory.

I am so glad Ive got this far, I have to say I felt very ashamed of myself for smoking its like a huge weight that's been lifted from me:) but I'm afraid I'm turning into one of those ex-Smokers who we all hated at one time:D and that I said I would never become.

I just hate to see it,hate to smell it ,makes me angry to see it,especially In Front of Children!

I live In Spain and here it seems far more acceptable,people smoke everywhere! I told someone off today for smoking In their car with their baby In the back seat:mad: now that just plain wrong! Sorry,I'm not very tolerant with that,I wasn't as a Smoker so I'm even worse now:eek:

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Well done Hope i take my hat of to you your doing fab. xxxxx


Well done Hope,

You really seem to have it sussed!

All the best



Well done, Hope :D

Nothing more to say really, another milestone with a big green tick against it :D


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