Month 3 starts tomorrow

I packed in smoking on the 30th September and apart from one mistake I've reached the two month mark today.

I haven't been here for a while but still keep this forum in mind as it has helped me get this far and got me back on the wagon after my brief lapse. How is everybody doing?

I have news - I'm moving to Norway! Didn't think I would ever hear myself saying that.

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  • Wow Nozmo, congratulations on your great news of reaching Month 2 and the exciting news of moving to Norway! This will be great motivator to begin your journey / new chapter in your life smoke free. I hope you are proud of yourself. Keep strong!

    I am doing good, currently in Week 11, few little moments in the last couple of weeks but the good are finally outweighing the bad now.

    Delighted to read your update this morning!

  • Hiya rowens! That's good to hear. I'm glad you're finding it easier. I don't think we will ever fully lose the urge but as long as we're ready for it we'll be OK.

  • Well done mate!... And best of luck with your new adventure! Exciting times ahead, a all new life!!!! Wonderful! Remember... Any change is a good change, even the ones that turn out to not so good, everything happens for a reason...

    I'm delighted for you. When are you moving?

  • Cheers mmaya! I'm not moving until the end of May. I have a job with a competitor so my employer is making me "work" my 6 months notice as gardening leave. I'm basically on holiday with full pay for 6 months. Bit embarrassing really but I'm not complaining too much.

  • Really?! Did I get that right?! Because of confidentiality I, I wish it was me, sounds like heaven, 6 months paid and no work...ahahah enjoy it!

  • Very well done Nozmo! That's such an achievement. I have reached one month now. I can hardly believe I've got this far. So you can pat yourself on the back. :) good luck with your move.

  • Thanks Becky. It's great to see that you're doing really well. Just think back to those posts during the first few days when you were struggling. It's seems like a long way off now and you should be proud of yourself.

  • Nozmo....Wow Norway....can only be nice although I know I would not last in that coldness.....Very well done on 2 months and huge congrats...Stay strong and it gets easier by the day.

  • Thanks Hercu. It gets pretty cold here in Tyneside but I think I might experience another level over there!

    I'm not your archetypal t-shirt-wearing-while-it's-snowing Geordie so I'm going to have to wrap up even more in Norway.

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