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3 Months or 12 Weeks?

On Monday I reached 3 month, 12 weeks or 84 days.

Just wonder which sounds better, 3 months or 12 weeks.

Great to reach mile stone but friends keep saying is it getting easier or do you feel like one still.

Unfortunately and only half jokingly I say "GOD YES"

I know I could so easy slip back to smoking and each day I have to remind myself of the benefits of not smoking.

Even though I'm quite strong in my quit and most of my posts on here are positive, Im not strong and positive all the time. And each day is a struggle.

Some of the things I do to help, is go for a walk, clean my teeth ( thats clean my teeth again not as in something I dont normally do any way. not that minging ) Read and post something on this forum. Try and prise my son away from his X-Box (now thats harder than giving up smoking)

I must be having a stressy day, what a waffle. Ok well YAY its 3 months

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Hi Maverick :D

Great 3 months quit that's a great milestone to hit Congratulations

Sorry you're still finding it hard but you're doing great keep it up


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Well Done x

Firstly well done on your 3 month/ 12 week/ 84 day quit, its a great achievement. personally I would alternate each one with different people you speak to and see which one you like the best:)

I totally understand what you say about still wanting one every now and again. I think we have to keep checking ourselves and not let things slip. I know I need to keep in touch with the forum to keep me goign in the right direction. Its good to have those little things like cleaning teeth etc. I have a bag of crisps everyday at 10.30am that replaced a fag break, it was hot chocolate in the beginning.

you are doing fab, keep it up xxxx


Congrats on the milestone,

Yes each day we just choose to remain nicotine free! It would be easy to slip back into smoking but for me the very, very few smokes that I actually enjoyed (a few a month) are not worth going back to the "slavery" of smoking. You can't have the odd one here or there its an all or nothing deal with smoking!

You're doing great and as time moves on you'll get more and more used to living as a non smoker and the occasions when you think "I'd really like a smoke" will become fewer and fewer and easier to dismiss.

They are just nostalgia really, like looking back on a former partner and remembering the fun times but forgetting all the horrors that made you split up in the end.




:DLiking the ref to the Ex partner, she your ex for reason. You broke up with stopped smoking for a reason.

Thanks guys for the message, Im not going any where, still MMQ :D

and not going any where. roll 100 days


Ha Ha Maverick, they all sound good to me, days wks or months. Keep up the good work, still struggle some days myself and just hit 3 months, but nothing like I did at the start, certaintly gets easier.... :p Kaz


Hi Maverick, congratulations on your 3 months/12 weeks quit, i totally get your posts and although it does get easier, i too have to be on the ball all the time as i dont want to slip up ever!

so we all carry on and do whatever it takes to stay non smokers, whether that is cleaning teeth, cleaning house or coming on here, but deep down we all know anything is better than going back to the slavery of smoking!

well done and keep going, small steps lead to great places!



Hi Maverick

Congratulations on 12 weeks/3 months being smoke free. It is like you say you have to keep on the ball my hubby asked me that same question and I replied " Some days I don't even think about smoking but it scares me on the day I do" I will not get complacent I still take 1 day at a time.

This forum keeps me on the right road and lots of people I should think and you can waffle as much as you want. Once again fantastic job.





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