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No Smoking Day
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Not been on here for a while :(

I havent had a lot of time to sit down and look on this site, (which it and all its members have really helped when times got hard) Its nice to see some of the names from when i first became a member still here and lots of new ones too!

anyways i would just like to share that i have now not smoked a cigarette now for 8 months (yesterday) and i feel a huge sense of achievement that i have gone this far. Yes it is getting better and sometimes you do get caught off guard hehe but im glad that i gave up smoking and that im sticking with it.

I also want to say well done to everyone on here for doing the same, whether its 1 day or 1 year etc..

the thing that helped me the most is the phrase ''dont give up giving up''

(thanks for reading)

Abi.xx :)

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Hi Abi

Lovely of you to drop by and let us know how your doing. Congrats on your 8 months thats fab work. Linda xxxxx


8 months is great,

Well done.


Thanks all :)


Congrats on 8 months:D


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