Has anyone seen?

Just wondered has anyone seen cigs with the pictures on (charred lungs etc) that were supposed to start about a month ago. I keep looking for them on friends fag packets and in shops but havent seen them yet. they are supposed to be filtering through (excuse the pun) the system. I would be interested to see where they first surface...

I met a guy visiting UK from Canada today and he had some ' peter jackson' cigs with a picture on of a full up ashtray. His son had another brand with the same photo on....


P.S. 4 weeks today and no intention of going back...

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  • I saw a discarded pack on the pavement the other day which had some kind of picture on it.

    I didn't look too closely after all it was only rubbish.

  • hi stev...i have seen the pictures on my wifes fag packet,..charred lungs,..canser of the mouth..they make you wounder why prople still smoke..them pictures look so gros...the pictures are on all fag packet..keep the faith all the best tonyx

  • i havnt seen them yet either. il have a look on my mates fag packet later and see if theres anything on there

  • It’s always been a strange decision by the government in my opinion, after all, did any of us smoke and think it was good for us.? We all knew it was bad for us, we all knew it was likely to be the cause of our earlier deaths, we all knew the bad bits.

    Almost every day that I smoked I sort of wished inside that I could stop and I doubt that there were many days that I went from awake to asleep without thinking about stopping. I doubt that reading stuff on packets or showing pictures of smoke ruined organs would ever be the catalyst that made me stop.

    Similar things apply with the cost. As prices went up I simply bought more from abroad. It used to be a couple of hundred, then it was my allowance, then my wife’s allowance. A couple of continental holidays and I never again bought a uk packet of fags and couldn’t read the warnings on the side anyway….

    I reckon there might be more success if the warnings on the side were something like…

    “Your mate’s having a cracking night out and HE doesn’t smoke”

    “If you didn’t smell so bad YOU too could pull tonight”

    “Can you remember a proper erection?”

    “You can’t stand outside and be the life and soul of the party”

    Care to add your own..? :)

  • Care to add your own..? :)

    How about a smiling Alistair Darling with a speech bubble saying "Don't you dare quit I need the tax."

  • hi i had a pack just before i quit it was two hands and something about ageing skin

  • My last pack (finished last night) had a picture of sperm on it- as a woman, not sure how relevant it is, my sperm is fine thank you!

  • There was a picture of the lung one on my bothers amber leaf pack Last night. xx

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