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Has Anyone Tried QuitKey?

My attempt to quit in March was a miserable, miserable failure. Even now, I realize that I only want to quit because I know I should for my health. Other than knowing that it's the right thing to do (and I have spent all 48 years of my life doing the right thing--even as a teen-ager, I didn't start smoking until a year ago), I really don't want to quit. Oy, the guilt!!! My poor Mom is rolling over in her grave, I just know it.

Anyway, my son, who also smokes...all of my kids do, except my oldest, who smoked for 5 years and then quit...told me about quitkey, which is a little computer that picks up your smoking trend and then gradually weans you off. It actually tells you how long before your next cigarette. Has anyone tried it? It used to be called something else years ago. I need all the advice you guys have to offer! Bring it on!!!

Thanks so much, jules:(

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Hello Jules,

Welcome to the site :D

There are many methods to quit and I would advise use of a cessation person. They give great advice and can work out the best methods to suit your needs. Also they may of heard of this 'quitkey' I unfortunately haven't.

Good Luck and keep us posted



Hello Jules and welcome. Got to admit I hadn't heard of this 'quitkey'method. However me (being incredibly nosy!) did a google search on it. I think it is a bit expensive and If I were you I would speak to your doc or something about getting some nrt (patches,gum whatever) cos that is FREE. I am using zyban (I think you call it wellbutrin) which seems to be ok for ME. Point being Jules everyone has different methods and you have gotta discover which way is best for YOU. This is not my first attempt to quit. I have tried b4 using various methods from hypnosis to patches. They obviously didnt work for me personally but I know alot of folk that they DID work for. Zyban is ace for me but some folk cannot tolerate it at all. You do whatever you feel comfortanle with . Stay in touch.



Hi Buffy and Karen;

Thanks for taking the time for helping me out. Ironically, I started taking Wellbutrin for depression the very same month I started smoking,so obviously that's a goner. I've also tried Nicotine gum, which is NOT free in the U.S., and is very expensive. Quitkey is actually cheaper, because a box of 48 pieces of Nicorette runs about $29 for generic, the brand names are more. Quitkey is a one time expense of $60. My son knows some people who swear by it, but I'd like to have some more input if possible. Nicotine patches are even more expensive than the gum.:(


Hi jules

Nice to hear from you again I recall you being on here a few weeks ago.

Maybe you could give it a try and let us know if its any good. But the most important thing is your self you have to want to do it for you. But good luck with what ever you do each to there own way of quiting. Linda


Thanks for the cheery words, Linda! You can bet that if I do decide to try quitkey, I will share the experience with all of you guys; I'll need the support, and maybe my journey will prove valuable to someone else along the way. I'm not sure just when I'll be ready (or is quitting smoking akin to getting married or having kids? You're never really ready, you just go ahead and jump right in?), but for sure you haven't seen the last of me!

Thanks again guys and gals,

Julie ;)


Hi Julie,

Sorry I thought you could get patches and gum foc like here.Even my zyban is only a standard charge of £6.85 about 14.50 dollars of which i need 2 prescriptions so we're talking about 30 dollars us. I think the best thing to have is willpower especially in those first 3or 4 days. I know I've only been stopped a week but it was the first couple of days that were the killers! Now I've got kind of used to it so its not toooo bad (only sometimes) You choose whatever method you feel most comfy with Julie be it Quitkey or something else bt please stay in touch and let us know



Hi Karen;

I will definitely stay in touch, thanks so much for caring. Do you mind if I ask a bit of a personal question? I'm a little confused (not an unfamiliar condition for me, unfortunately), how is it that you're a senior member with 107 posts if you just joined in March 2007 and have only been quit a week? Are you just a really prolific writer? Honestly, I'm just curious as heck, so puh-leeze don't think I'm being offensive or judgemental, because I'm not in the least, I'm really only curious, as I said! Here's hoping to see you again in cyber-space real soon!:D



I know i've only Been quit just over a week THIS time but I posted long b4 I actually stopped. Thing is i took theZyban for 2 weeks B4 I quit so really its been over 3weeks this time. Actually this will be post 103 as i write. Anything over 100 posts makes you a "senior member" Actually it just makes me feel old! It also could partly be due to the late night conversations that some of us have.

Buffy ,loopy,little sue and whoever else wants to join in and chat (not just about smoking - also Soap operas,kids,wine to name but a few subjects) Were like a big family here and quite often speak to each other abouts lots of stuff. This

racks the postings up unfortunately so you see I'm not a prolific writer - just a gobby one!!!



Lol she just talks too much ;)

:rolleyes: Hehe I can talk! :rolleyes:

Really, can you not see a cessation person over there? through your doctor?


Hey Miss-She-Just-Talks-Too-Much, who is it that has ummm, 1,016 posts to date, as opposed to Karen's measely 116?!!

Personally, I think women all talk too much, and that is precisely what makes us such compassionate, empathetic beings, and such good friends/companions. It is why our relationships with each other ( and I'm not speaking about lesbian relationships here, although I have no problem with those either, as my daughter is gay), are often so much deeper, stronger, and more satisfying than our relationships with men, sometimes even our husbands.

SO it is my opinion that we women of the world should just go right on talking, and perhaps one day the world will start listening!!!

I don't know about seeing some sort of a professional, I never thought about it. I'll see what I can find out, thanks for the suggestion.


1,016 :rolleyes: oh dear where did that extra digit come from :p

Your views on women talking too much deserve a great applause and a standing ovation x x x x x

I hope you find out about cessation with some success, over here they are great x x


Life's A Bitch (and then you smoke).

Sorry for the break, just when the conversation was getting interesting. I had to take some time out while my life was falling apart around me. My husband and I are divorcing after 26 years, and I'm trying to buy a mobile home for myself and my 2 cockatoos. I can't afford a house on my own, and the cockatoos are too noisy to be tolerated in an apartment. Waiting on the financing to go through is just about killing me, because my credit isn't very good. If I don't get the mobile home I've put a bid in on, I think I'll really go off the deep end. Needless to say, I've doubled my smokes per day to about 6 or 7. I keep telling myself I'll have to quit when I'm on my own because I won't be able to afford cigarettes (they cost over $7 per pack where I live). 2 packs a week adds up pretty quickly, and there are so many things I want/need for the new house, I could put that $ towards those things instead. Meanwhile, I'm scared to death, as I've actually never lived on my own or had to support myself ever before. It is not a great time in my life right now; if any of you are of the praying type, could you please send a prayer in my direction? Thanks much,

Julie :( :(


Hi JUles

Lovely to hear from you again. I will pray for you but my late mum used to say When God shuts a door he always opens a window. Maybe in a few months things will look a little sweeter. How are things With your son what you must do is look after your self and try and keep strong LOts of love LInda xxx


Hello Jules x x

So sorry to hear of this rough patch you are experiencing. Needless to say maybe now is not a good time to quit!

When things are low there is only up left to go! things will come together, when you have settled and you have your own space, You can please yourself and I am sure you will come through this shining!

Maybe even the happiest you have been in years! one small step each day.

It's such a difficult time but I am sure you'll turn it around x x x x

All my love, wishes and thoughts are with you x x

Please stay in touch, the support here can stretch beyond quitting!

Lots of love, ~Buffy x x x x


Hey Jules

Quitmate on your phone looks similar to QuitKey and offers interesting reports as well. Not sure if you can get it in the US though.

There seem to be a lot of these kind of gadgets around, I suppose they help for some folks.

Keep trying!




I have heard of the quitkey and actually my Mother-in-laws best friend quit using it. She was a big 'kid' in an older womens body (age 70). She enjoyed the game of it and actually followed its direction. My Mother-in-law tried it, but she failed to quit with it. I guess it all depends on the person.

I am very sorry to hear of the rough patches life is sending you. I hope you are getting on your feet and that all is going better now. I know it will be quite awhile before you are 100% back on your feet, but hope you are stable enough to care for yourself. Hope to see you back here soon! :)


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