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Anyone got any tips on how to handle mood swings?



I'm on day two of quitting and boy am I feeling it. Last night I was a right miserable mare to anyone who was unfortunate to be around me and this morning I was even worse. Just feel sooooooooooo irritable and moody. Can't shake it. I lapsed this morning and smoked three cigs but I have a patch on now and I'm not going to smoke anymore today :o

Feel bad for my kids! I'm so ratty with them. Its like I've got this rage lying just beneath the surface waiting for some tiny thing to go wrong so that it can explode :eek: I feel so edgy!

Is anyone else finding it this hard? Yesterday I spent all day cleaning my car (has gotta be the cleanest car in Bedford!) and today I'm going to find summat else to do...

What do you guys do to try and get rid of the moody/angry/irritable feelings?

Thanks for listening :)

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use the hubby ! :eek:

clean clean clean

Or partner - I hit mine with my slipper the other week. He said it hurt so I said "good" - he he :D:D;)

oh the rages...I still have them although not as often as in the early days. Take in one hour at a time, it is normal and you will be able to deal with them better as time goes.

I find locking myself in the bathroom and counting tiles a great help or counting backwards from 999. Going for a brisk walk to clear my head is also good. I also put the wii on if I have at home and play a few games of boxing.

I still have issues when I am in the office though and still destroy paperclips...



Boxing, that sounds good! Can I use a real person though instead of a punchbag? Only it would feel far more satisfying lol No, just jesting.

I do try to use the breathing techniques to overcome some of the irritabililty, it does go some way to help but not a great deal.

Yesterday, I thought I was doing really great with my mood. I felt ok. Then, something went wrong and I just lost it. It was like, 'darn, where did THAT lil episode just come from?!'. And I've been moody ever since :o

Haing in there Maddy!

The first 2 weeks are hell! Especially if you are PMS!!! Look out to anyone in your path! LOL It does get better I promise! Try to keep busy, busy, busy! Chewing on coffee straws, brisk walks, punching something~yes!!! I preferred swinging an axe! I love splitting firewood with an axe. It is such good therapy when you are stressed. A nap helps too when you are feeling blue! (hey i rhymed there~ he he) I substituted cigs with food. Unfortunately I gained 17 pounds in the process. I am dealing with that now and have lost 12 of it. Anything is better than lighting up. Remember that! Keep going strong>>>:D

Thank you eveyone. So good to know that there are others out there going through the same thing (or went through it so therefore knows how it feels). Not that I'm glad others feel it too! lol You know what I mean :D

Thanks for the link, catwoman. Going to go have a read now...

austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free


you can't necessarilly control the mood swings but you can create a "buffer zone" around you and advise all people who enter it that there might be trouble.

Regardless of your adopted method of cessation, the only real requirement for a successful quit is determination. Plenty of people know they should quit or are even persuaded to quit but they're on shaky ground unless they have the mindset to stop.

Look at it like the dentist. It's going to be uncomfortable but it'll be worth it in the end.

Find a way of distracting yourself when things get low. Warn people you're going to be snappy and then keep your targets simple. Aim for an hour then a day and so on.

If you have a really bad day and fall off the wagon, jump back on again quick. Everyone in those early days looks for, and even secretly hopes for a catastrophe to allow them to legitimately pick up the habit again.

Try one of those craveaway plastic fags, just don't light it.

Stand near a smoker in Tescos and smell them.

Remember that your habit has developed wonderfully over a period of time and won't lie down and die without a fight.

I found the best ammunition was knowledge.

austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

That's very kind of you CatWoman..

I lost someone very close to me just before xmas and frankly it messed me up a bit. I lost the desire and interest to share other people's quit troubles and selfishly wallowed in my own loss for a bit. The bright side is that i'm back to normal, still clean and haven't slipped once.

I've never been one for the "touchy feely" posts and i can't do with that internet mmmwwaah and hugggz type stuff..!

I can however share my limited experience and try not to wind too many people up in a NRT debate.

You need a calm posting head to cope with poor information like this that i read the other day, "Day three is a hard one, all the nicotine will be leaving your system,OK, you're putting it back with the patches but thats not quite the same"

Luckily there seems to still be plenty around to offer virtual shoulders and hugs.


Thanks everyone and thanks Austin. Sorry to hear of your loss.

Your post made perfect sense and I could relate to alot of what you said. Especially the 'looking for excuses' to smoke. However, I am determined that the evil weed is not going to win this time.

I shall just keep myself away from others because I do get really moody and snappy over the tiniest of things and I find it all very hard to cope with.

There are so many people on here to give inspiration and if they can do it, then so can I. I mean, at one point, I was of the mindset that no one could be as addicted as me else they would not be able to quit just like that. I know that sounds stupid and is so not true, but I guess that was my 'justification' to carry on smoking. I don't know.

Well done to everyone else who has stopped and stayed stopped too. I yet again had a lapse last night and this morning, but only had a couple each time and I have no more cigs in the house so can't smoke anymore!! My bad.

Oh, one more thing...I guess I'm back at day one again aren't I? lol I guess Day 1 starts tomorrow too as I slipped up this morning :o

I've never been one for the "touchy feely" posts and i can't do with that internet mmmwwaah and hugggz type stuff..!

I can however share my limited experience and try not to wind too many people up in a NRT debate.

This man is my GOD. :D

Seriously though, its funny I've had a read through some old posts and I actually remember some of them. I'd forgotten there was the odd incident back in December, but I now remember the threads.

I know your opinions on NRT are the same as mine.

But I agree, please continue posting.

Thanks catwoman. I haven't smoked any since the ones I had this morning. Hasn't been too bad since I looked at that 'whyquit' link that someone posted on another thread....I think it may have been yourself. One look at that picture and it kind've gave me the last push I needed to stay off the nasty weed. I hate the way I feel as if I have to have nicotine to be able to cope with things. Yet, as soon as anything goes wrong, I get this really strong desire to have a cigarette and I have to say I'm a right monster to those around me due to not being able to have a cig. I don't like that I'm becoming this nasty evil person! :(

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