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Day 12 - What's the silliest thing nicotine has made you do?

Onto day 12! I'm getting a bit tired of the cravings; I'm not going to have a cig so why does my brain have to keep craving them? :confused:

I was just thinking before of some of the odd things I've done because of nicotine, and how silly it was.

-Once I was on the train, the 3 hour journey was too much and got off halfway through and had to get another train; just so I could have a cig, which I probably didn't even enjoy.

-Taking half-smoked cigs from the ashtray when I didn't have the money for cigs :eek: how disgusting

- I was craving before, and for a moment tried to convince myself it would be ok if I got a friend to light one up for me and put it in my mouth and let me breathe it in :confused: as I wouldn't strictly be smoking myself, it would be them doing it. hahahah

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It's a b.loody stupid addiction :mad::mad:


* Start smoking again after both a 18 month and 10 month quit

* Try to re-roll fags (with a post-it note among other things) out of my ashtray

* Think that menthols didn't count as bad for you


All the above:eek: Your mind is in overdrive at the moment, it is in the early days, it wont always be like this it will settle down and you will think of them less and less:)


Done plenty of silly things but the thing I feel most guilty about was talking one every now and again from my mums packet, an addiction which made me steal from my own mother, ****** disgraceful!!


in previous quits, I used to sneak an odd smoke, ( yea daft) I thought if nobody saw me, I would only have one every now and then and would eventually manage to quit. ( stupid because I was always on that horrible first day constant crave thing) Anyway one year I was managing fine until we went on holiday, I would go for walks, ( to smoke) or go back to our room to GET something, sneak around a corner and smoke. My husband however was a bit suspicious, of course with all my mints, and sprays he could smell the smoke:rolleyes:. Anyway this particular day I had a fag rolled up in my sleeve and had a paper pack of matches( you know the type) under my sun hat. So I dh was watching me carefully and I was dying for a smoke, the usual excuses weren't working. So at one point one of the children fell asleep in the shade, it was Kenya so our lawn went as far as the beach, then the beach was full of lads trying to sell stuff, it was like running the gauntlet. I said to my dh that I was too warm and was going to paddle in the sea, he had to wait with the children. Now I had to pass all these lads trying to sell me something, and I politely said , no , no thanks etc..... So I walked down the beach where I knew dh couldn't see me, I am thigh deep in smooth water, not even a ripple. Two beach vendors are watching me and realised when they saw me find the ciggerette , then take out the hidden matches that I was sneaking a smoke, my matches wouldn't light, aaaaaaaargh , getting very fusterated, one of the vendors took pity and came out to me and lit my cigarette, and laughted at me going to such trouble to smoke, so I finally got to put the ciggerette to my mouth took one inhale, lovely I was going to enjoy this as I hadn't had one all day. Then out of NOWHERE came a blasted wave and knocked the ciggerette out of my hand, the men on the beach were bent over laughing at the daft irish eejit out sneaking a smoke and lost it. I couldn't even complain to my husband because I wasn't supposed to be smoking.

( he caught me the next day anyway, )


Yes I too am guilty of making ciggies out of old ones in the ash tray usually normal cig buts flaked out into a ciggie paper then smoke without the tip, geez :eek:

Stupidest this I done was on xmas when ALL of the shops had shut, not as bad now where you will catch one or two open, the local pubs ciggie machine had not long been had off by the local skunks and not re-filled and I knew I could get some off friends etc but not enough to last for later so I got word of a place that was open but I'd had a drink and so had others..........brainwave to follow -

hope there's not many brainwaves like this....................................................I decide on the very not so bright idea of getting a taxi (double/triple time) to...........the fecking motorway service station, £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ later

I did actually succeed in my quest for a pack of death sticks and by memory they didn't even last until the morning as others ran out anyway and I was on the only one left with cigs, welllllllll it was xmas, a ****** dear one.


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