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No Smoking Day
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day 6

hi friends

yep i know i keep coming here every night and add a day but helps to keep me in trim and on top of things.

had no real cravings since taking the champix but what i am getting is i am bored so a ciggie would help... that type of feeling.

apart from that had a playfull fight with my 6 year old son and was nice not to be so out of breath.

and on top of that i laughed without the coughing and the catching of the breath.


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Well done do keep coming in to post, it will help.

You have identified 2 benefits and as time goes on you will spot more and more.

Keep up the great work,



I posted my progress on here every day for about 6 weeks I think... made me feel good, positive. Like things were moving forwards.

If you need to, do the same. Do it hourly if you want.

Just don't forget to post if you need help too... that's even more important. It's one thing us giving a pat on the back when you deserve it.... but if you need advice or just someone to shout at, post that too.

You are doing great, congratulations :D


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