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Day 6 and feeling lonely

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Well one more day till it's been a week

I feel very down and angry today.. i've been in doors all week because my boyfriend has had work to do

I'm feeling ratherr lonely, all of my friends have gone to uni so when my boyfriend is busy i don't have anyone really! :/

I hope day 6 is going better for everyone else


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Hiya....well done on getting to day 6. Can you ring one of your mates for a chat or are they on facebook???? I wish I'd kept my friends from school when I went to uni....I miss them now. They'd love a phonecall from you...not long until it's a week quit for you, so well done.

Lisa xxxx

It's sunday...Sundays are always feckin boring......give your friends a call they'll be as bored as you are. Save the new pole dancing/belly dancing/spinning/ fecking lessons for in the week :)

Nope but methinks someone is being overly sensitive. It makes me laugh how people get offended when someone has a different opinion to them. People just have different opinions that's all. Strawberry may have a full active life and it just so happens this week has been boring for her. If not then getting new hobbies could be just the ticket....I'm off to eat my roast dinner. Plus IT IS a sunday....sundays are boring, Strawberry might be able to find a Zumba class running on a sunday, but by the time she's found one it'd probably be finished.

God give me strength

Hi Strawberry,

Sorry you are feeling down but tomorrow you will be a week quit and that will cheer you up, well done you :D

Why not enjoy a lazy Sunday pampering yourself, nice bubble bath and something good to eat. Chocolate would lift your mood :p or anything you fancy. Go on, spoil yourself. You've quit smoking, you deserve lots of treats :D


Zoe xx

Karri don't put yourself down gal :eek: If you feel like a smoke post on here about it like I did last night, cos honestly I would have smoked if it wasn't for the support I got on here but I didn't :D And you know everyone cares and wants to help you.


Zoe xx

Oh Karri you've never gave in?! Feel for you, you seem to really struggle :( I'm here for a chat if you need pms xx

Strawberry, sundays are crap arnt they? I agree with zoe, have a nice pamper sesh!! Always works for me!! I just had a walk with my babies this afternoon then a sunday roast (was lush) routine of things eases the boredom lol do something with your time. Do you enjoy reading? Get some books for next time you're on your on and bored x

Yeah reading is great, spent first 2 days of this quit in bed with books lol :D Its good to get engrossed in something to take your mind off the cigs.

Hope you feeling better now Strawberry.

Zoe xx

To zoemac:

Thank you for the advice :) reading and chocolate sound perfect ^_^ i shall tuck myself into bed with both soon!

To karri:

I read your original post and it was great advise! I didn't want to get involved in any arguements but don't let people get you down :( *hugs* i'm sorry you smoked but we are here for you when you are ready to quit again :)

To Rochelle:

Sundays are indeed boring haha, i had my roast too it was lovelyy ^_^ i feel better now it's the evening, only a few hours left till i've made it a whole week :D

Hey Strawberry

Glad you are feeling a bit better!! I def found day 5 and 6 hard!! Have been feeling much better last dew days tho so fingers crossed!!


Hey Strawberry and won't you feel so proud of yourself too and so well deserved :D

only a few hours left till i've made it a whole week

I gotta book and more choc than is good for me :eek: but sure is better than smoking :D


Zoe xx

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