Going into Week 4!!!!!

Well, it is Friday and over the weekend I will be going over the hill and into week 4.

I can't quite believe how fast time is now going and it only seems like I stopped smoking a couple of days ago!!

The sleeping is well sorted out now, infact, I am sleeping like a baby but feeling refreshed when I wake.

Weekends tend to be a bit more difficult and I still get a bit edgy in the mornings (so I tend not to hang around the house and go out instead which is no bad thing).

There is still a very small part of me that misses cigarettes at certain points (usually connected with strong feelings such as intense happiness or sadness)

but I will always choose to stay smoke free as I really do understand that no matter what I think right now, there is absolutely no reason on earth to go back to smoking and I will see the light eventually as time moves on and the un brainwashing takes place.

Plus, I have saved around £100 already!!!!

I think it is really funny how I must have been in denial for years! By that I mean I would go to the shop every day and buy a packet of 20 ciggies at nearly a fiver a throw. Why didn't I buy them once a week - £35 per trip or........even worse........once a month (shock, horror £140 per month).

No, because I would have felt even worse and an even bigger fool if I had to face up to that one!!!:eek:

Of course, it would be so much easier if I had never smoked!!!!:rolleyes:

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  • Well done - 1 Lunar month complete!

    A huge achievement. Congratulations.

  • Well done Lisa getting into the 4th week is(will be) fantastic. :D

    I'm impressed with your attitude, it does seem that you have the resolve to stick at this and make it permanent.



  • Well done Lisa!:D

    Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Can't imagine throwing a fiver away every day !:eek:

  • Wouldnt it be lovely

    wouldnt it be great if we never smoked. my brother has never had a tab in his life and it falls on deaf ears when i tell him how lucky he is. Nothing to give up, nothing to crave, nothing to miss... 2008 is my year and i hope it is yours too... I WILL NEVER SMOKE A CIGARETTE AGAIN. NEVER EVER ... Forget this Credit Crunch talk, 2008 is the year we will all beat it and look back on as a great year... Have a great weekend...

  • Well Done Lisa, your doing good.

  • Well done Lisa for reaching your 4th week, it's surprising how quickly the time passes after the initial few days of your quit!

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