Day 24

Well, as day 24 dawns - I find myself looking another pair of landmarks in the face... they will come up in the next day or 2.

I have not smoked almost 500 fags :eek:

I have saved almost £100 :D

Anyhoo... Champix. I changed my mind and took my evening tablet last night, in case I felt wierd at night... I figure a good nights sleep is a good idea.

But I haven't taken this mornings yet, so we will see how it goes :)

As for the quit, no news is great news - nothing to report and very happy about it :D

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  • Well done Stu

    You allways sound so upbeat hope it passes over my way. xxxxxx

  • Well done Stu

    You allways sound so upbeat hope it passes over my way. xxxxxx

    Thats my way Linda. I hope it rubs off on you also (ooo-err)... the mood that is.

    Why not be upbeat anyway? I'm doing something huge to improve my life.


  • Stuart,

    Great to see you doing so well.

    As for the Champix, there were posts that suggested you follow your instincts and I agree. If that says come off them then do, but if they say stay on them for the time being then do that too and don't feel that somehow Champix is cheating.

    Just my 2p :)


  • Thanks Nic, but that's exactly how I am playing it after all the advice on the other thread. If I notice any ill effects from not taking the tablet (intense cravings, or anything else), then I will start taking them again.

    This is more of an experiment than anything else at this stage. To see if I can get off them this early. The only reason is because I don't like taking pills.

  • Well, I started getting light headed and fidgety about 2 hours ago - so I took my morning pill.

    Feeling back to normal now, will have to talk to the Nurse and see if she will give me some 0.5mg tablets to bring me down gently... otherwise I think I will have to stay on them for a little longer.

    No matter though, I'm still not smoking and that is the only thing that does matter.

  • You are so right.

    Not smoking is way more important than wanting to stop the pills.

    While the NHS clearly do not appreciate the most important thing about quitting i.e. education. I suspect that they do know how the drug they have prescribed works.

    All the best with it.


  • Day 25 comes around. Ain't it funny how days keep doing that?

    I had a rough evening yesterday, got stressed out with the gas company and then craved all the way to bedtime :(

    Never mind, what don't kill me only makes me stronger - remember that nicodemon. If you haven't got what you want by now, theres no way in hell you're going to!

    Day 25 is back to normalilty (for indeed it is normality now). No craves so far, no real thoughts of smoking and pretty cheery.

    Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you're all still stopped and doing well :D

  • Yep doing well,

    Glad to hear that you came through fine!



  • Happy Tuesday!!! :Dx all is good in the world of Helen!....(bloody gas company, with me its always the water company that seem totally useless and inept...apologies to anyone that works for them but its true!) :D:eek:

  • I know, how hard is it.

    My old house had gas - my new house doesn't (no mains supply). Therefore I want to close the account and I want you to send me a bill so I can pay it.


    Thank you.


  • water company threatened to take me to court for not responding to a letter they sent to a house that they know i don't live in???? electricity company gave my meter reading as the meter reading for our whole apartment block and for some reason said they owed me 78 quid...i told them which was the right meter they said if i went with the right meter i owed them 100 quid, i went with the meter for the building and took the cash...the whole thing makes no sense!!!! i hate moving house!!!!!

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