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No Smoking Day
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Day 24

Well I've made it to day 24 and tomorrow I will be back to where I was with my original quit.

Managed to get through week 3 by having a nice bout of the dreaded flu........cough cough

The plus side of that was that I couldn't have faced a ciggie and I caught up on all the sleep I had lost.............down side being I felt like sh*t. Feeling slightly better today and have actually managed to get dressed!!!

So here is to moving into month 2 and this time I will make it :D

Love Carol


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and you WILL make it! Glad you are getting over that flu.. nasty horrible virus to be having that.

So smile!! today is a great day.. and you are soon going to be heading for your second month.. gotta feel good about that eh!!!

Nice one !



hey carol -

into week 4 - go girl!!

sorry to hear you have had the dreaded quitters flu. Hopfully you know thats out of the way now and you are still quit so thats great - your doing fantastic. :D


Well done on your 24 days Carol, may you have many more to come.

Glad you are feeling better.



Hi Carol :D

24 days that's great well done you Big Hug coming your way

Glad to hear you feel a bit better today after that nasty bout of flu :eek:

Almost a month for you now and this time you'll make it for sure


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Thanks guys :)

Still feeling a bit yucky but have made it to day 25.............can't believe I'm back to where I started.

Thanks to everyone for their support especially my wee bum chums........you know who you are :D

Gary you can buy the ingredients now ................. sultana cake me thinks, please.

Anyone any tips on how to get over the flu?..............I feel about 90!!!!!

Love Carol



Hi Carol :D

YAY well done you back on day 25 that's great Big Hug

Sorry you still feel a bit yucky though from the flu the only tip I can think of is just to take it easy and give yourself time to fully recover from it, don't try rushing around for a while longer

Try not to get too tired and if you feel sleepy go and lie down for a while



Marg xxxxxxxx


Same stage!!

Hi Carol, i've discovered this site and i'm addicted to this now!! I'm on exactly the same day as yourself, had myself a day ahead!! never been as far down the line as this before had many ups and downs but still succeeding, i hope i can "join the gang" we can be an incentive for each other. :)


Hi Lizzi

Glad you are enjoying this site.............it's certainly helped me :) Hopefully we can help each other along the way.

Yes Chrissie 27 days without a ciggie............hehe that's 2 days longer than I managed on the champix. Just wish I could get rid of this flu. Not known for my patience and just want to stop feeling like I'm 90!!! Imagine how I wuld be if I was still smoking :eek:

Love Carol



Oh ice cream yes please my throat is still killing me and it would be medicinal :D

Dont know if I'm up to a dance but a wee slow one maybe :)

Just want to feel better..........stamping feet..........now tired out from stamping feet........aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh

Love bad tempered me :D



Hi Carol :D

Pleased to hear that you feel a bit better and well done on 27 days smoke free

Love and a Hug

Marg xxxxxx


Caz, So sorry you have been down with flu. You sound like your feeling much better. Hope so. Congratulations on 24 days! Your are so positive - good for you! Keep going strong.



Hi Carol and Chrissie:):)

I am on day 28 today, every day is a bonus i count the day when it begins, why not eh!!

I have thought about the dirty devils more than usual today(why i have no idea), sometimes it feels like such a struggle, but determined to keep on going. Into my fifth week tomorrow, wow:D how good does that sound, going to take on a more positive frame of mind.

We can do this!!!!!!!!



hi caz great to hear you, im so proud of u x ure doing top x:)

Hi lizzi nice to meet u, u doing very well too xx


Hi guys

Well I move up to month 2 tomorrow...............cant wait.

Think I might bake a massive cake to celebrate :D

Having a quiet day today.............did too much yesterday and ended up having to go back to bed. I know I have to let my body recover from having the flu but I have no patience and just want to be back to normal :( So it's a quiet day with a little bit of baking in prep for tomorrow :D

Kitkat sorry you failed your test.........I know I'm way behind but blame the flu I'm still catching up on what I've missed...........i'm sure you'll pass next time. Hey if you can quit smoking you can do anything :)

Love Carol



Hi Carol :D

28 days smoke free that's great well done Huge Hug for you

Sorry you overdid it yesterday but glad you feel well enough today for a little baking in readiness for tomorrow's milestone


Marg xxxxx


Yeah! Well done on 28 days!

I too have the dreaded flu.

Did someone mention ice cream and cake???

Can I join? :D:D:D


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