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Day 24 and a dumb question


I know this probably a really stupid question but does anyone have a view on when you start to get over the hump.

I stopped almost without meaning to 3 wee4ks ago but the last couple of days I have been like a bear with a sore head, growling at everyone and really "missing" smoking.

Probably wouldn't be so bad if the cough hadn't come back, wasn't constantly tired and could sleep through the night

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Thanks Craig

You're right of course. Nearly another day done and reading other threads it looks like its down to the individual:)


Andy, I've read quite a few posts on this subject and of course have my own experiences (yes, multiple quits unfortuneately) to draw upon. My take is that the consensus seems to average around 3 months, give or take a few weeks. I think many people think that this is the time when you just realize that it's not so hard anymore and the craves have mostly transitioned to thoughts and are not that hard to manage. Maybe some of the others vets can chime in.


Been asking myself and everyone else this same question......:)

Allen Carr said to stop waiting for something to happen and just get on with your life as a non smoker.....and one day you,ll realise you havnt thought about it for days at a time.......

If it didn't get better there would be no one in the penthouse( yr quit) so we just got to hang on in there and NOT SMOKE:D


I felt over the hump around the end of my first month. Weeks 2 and 3 were the hardest mentally for me as I too was a grumpy, depressed mess. I was also still getting what I can only describe as belly cravings until then - they mostly seem to have settled down now though. Everyone's different but it will get easier, promise!


I was fortunate I think, day 30 for me, it all just went away. It does pass, I can promise you doesn't feel like it at times, but it does.


I'm in my third month. I still have the odd 'twitchy' day but no more than that. Haven't had what I would call a proper crave for at least 2 weeks and that lasted for less than a minute.

Personally, I didn't notice exactly when it started to feel better. It was a very gradual tail off really.

You're doing brilliantly by the way :)


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