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24 Days Nicotine free

Lynn2091 Year Smoke Free

I quit smoking cold turkey 24 days ago after smoking for 24 years. It does not feel like a big accomplishment to me. Maybe it's because I quit smoking last year for 33 days and started again. 2 years before I quit I cut down to 2 to 5 cigarettes a day. My husband just bought a fresh pack of cigs and I want to light one up, instead I came on here to write my first post.

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Rachy741Valued Contributor

Hi and welcome!!

Congratulations!! 24 days is a big deal, I am 21 days quit today and it's a big deal to me too!

Well done on not caving in to temptation, it must be very hard to know there are cigarettes around. Posting (or just reading what others have gone through) here is a great distraction, I do it six or seven times a day😂 and these wonderful people give great advice and support! It might be quiet for a bit, time zones are tricky (I'm just a night owl)

Stay strong 💪

Lynn2091 Year Smoke Free in reply to Rachy741

Thank you. I agree reading on here has been the best distraction for me. Every time I get a craving I read as many stories as it takes until the craving goes away. Knowing I am not alone in this tryly helps.

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

It is a big accomplishment Lynn. Most of us have quit many times, myself included, before the final one. Stay positive and on track.

Lynn2091 Year Smoke Free in reply to CocoaXChange

Yes I can't even count how many times I've tried to quit. There's something different this time. I have a wonderful powerful feeling that this is it, I almost just made myself cry, this is it. I'm done smoking and hopefully my husband can follow my example and hopefully my children will never smoke.

lagatachocolate2 Years Smoke Free in reply to Lynn209

Well done Lynn209; you've done so well. I reckon lots of smokers have what I refer to as practice quits before getting to their final one; I know I certainly did. I'd like to think I learned something new about myself each time I quit that's helping me with my current smoke-free journey.

Stay with it; it's worth it!

HercuValued Contributor

Lynn..You moved a mountain...It is a huge accomplishment...!

Welcome and be assured you have landed on the right place now...Being a "serial quitter"does not mean that you can't do it...I am sure this is the one !

Even Mark Twain said; "Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times."

Stay Strong !!


Huge welcome to our community Lynn209 - congratulations on 24 days smoke free, well done! Great decision too to post here rather than light up :)

I too stopped cold turkey over 2 years ago, was my 3rd attempt over the years :) I have huge respect for anyone stopping being surrounded by the temptation of others smoking, as this is likely to be the best and hardest achievement of your life, set up some ground rules about their smoking, hide them out of sight and designated area outside etc....

As you are just over the 3 weeks, you may experience 'the blahs' - below link explains this (there is other pinned posts worth a read too when you get a chance)


Post as often as you like, here to help in whatever way we can :)

Lynn2091 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you for the link. I have literally no energy and am really snappy and edgy. It's ok though it is getting better every day. Congrats on over 2 years, I can't wait to get there

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Lynn209

I know it seems so far away at the moment but once you get your first month over you, time passes by so much quicker, I promise - another link for you worth a read if not already done so:


Atta13 Months Smoke Free

Hi Lynn209, what you have achieved so far is a huge achievement! It's tough at times but you are getting there, one day at a time!

Jared01Valued Contributor in reply to Atta1

Welcome Lynn209 and well done on 24 days, keep reading up as much as you can here and elsewhere, be sure to post if struggling as sharing here works wonders :)


hi Lynn209

welcome to our little family..

we have had a couple of people here where their parents smoke,must be so hard.

my husband stoped 10-11 years ago,I didn't.looking Back I should of thought about him trying to stop,I regret it a bit now

I tried several times,always started at the first big stress,

you can do this,you are stronger than you think.

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

taurean72 Years Smoke Free

Hi Lynn and welcome. 24 days is a huge accomplishment. Keep going girl, you can do this.

KathieO100 Days Smoke Free

I think you are in a great place Lynn. I started reading this site when i needed that support and i still do. Keep going strong. We are here for you :)

Hey Lynn209 use that. I made it to only 5days multiple times. Now am almost at 6months. Haven’t felt a thrill yet.... BUT believe this I AM AlMOST TO 6MONTHS! Am beginning to feel thrilled!!! I have not let myself feel proud or anything really. On Mar30 i will let myself feel it. Will also stay on guard but i WILl let myself feel good. I smoke 35 years! My whole adult life and half of childhood. You can do this too! Am very proud of you. Set your goal to pass those 22 days, the. Set another goal... thats what i did... baby steps perhaps but it work d for me. I never thought id quit not even real sure i wanted to bad enough... but here we are & i cant wait for 6 months... then will set goal for 1year.. always movin it. Again soo proud of you!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Exsmo

Excellent reply Exsmo :)

Exsmo in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you RoisinO1 .. Have you heard anything of your & others on here nominations? I hope you get a prize!!!


How are getting on now Lynn209 ?

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