No Smoking Day

19th day

Well I survived my birthday and what has turned out to be the holiday from hell, I have survived diner parties with smokers, and prety much all of my trigger situations... My chest is getting bettter and my weight is back to normal(ish..) and I cant wait to say i have been 3 weeks clean and have no real craving to smoke. I am just a litle nervous that I will smoke again, dont know why.. Anybody feel the same/ have an answer why

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Sorry to hear the holiday has turned hellish, what's gone wrong? I hope you managed to enjoy your birthday none the less!

Anxiety and depression are some of the ways the nicotine tries to get us back, its quite normal. I asked a similar question recently, the key is keeping a positive mind! IMHO

Great work getting to 19 days, you're only a couple of days away from 3 weeks clean, hang in there and you'll be racking up the months befor you know it.




hi Sachmo...

well done on getting this far...and surviving yr problems...

I think a lot of us have to go through a kind of "mourning" after we've dealt with the physical cravings... and the longer you smoked before your quit the greater the mourning...this is not to be confused with the "I'm missing something" negative thought process (we all know that we've NOT giving anything up don't we?!?;))...

I know I feel strangely lost sometimes and wonder what it is and then I realise that its cos I'm not smoking - i don't want to smoke but the something that is missing is the smoking... am I making sense to anyone???

keep strong and you will positive...if you find yourself doubting your decision or worrying that you may relapse, remind yourself of your original reasons for your quit...



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