No Smoking Day

my first day

Hi julie here,this is my first day of non smoking.i have tried several times to quit but i alwayts fail.this time my hubby is quitting too so there is a bit of a challenge.dont know if anyone else has had this trouble but my patches keep coming unstuck this is my third patch i have had on 2 gets on my nerves if you are giving up smoking you dont need any extra stress i have had the right grumps with it i have a good mind to ring up the makers of nicorette and moan about it.anyway i got that off my chest.good luck all.julie.

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:) hi julie . Welcome to the forum , good luck and well done on your quit so far , try some micropore tape for your patches it's what i use to help mine stick .

Tracey x

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Congratulations to both you and your hubby on quitting!

I only tried patched once and never got on with them, either they fell off or became itchy:(

Good luck and keep us all posted.




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