No Smoking Day

One day over

hi all.

well that the first day over and done with, feel really fine. going well so far.

hope everyone good. and thanks you all for your kind words:)

im well and truely back on the road to freedom. ;)

bring on day two...

take care all. see you tomorrow


New Quit: 11/9/08

1 Day. 53mins

saved on 36 cigs

money 9.70

life saved. 3hours

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go Alan..............go Alan!!!!

nearly a tenner saved already!!

keep it up :)


thanks jude.

nice to be back on the road to freedom... i will get back to where i fell off.



Hi Alan

i was really sorry to read that you had relapsed and had smoked.

i am so glad that you are back here and starting a new quit.

You should hopefully find it a bit easier as you have been through it before and know what to expect.

Good luck Alan and stay strong and remember to read read read :D



Good luck Alan

You know the pit falls, learn from the lapse and don't venture down that road again.

All the best



:D well done keep it up .

Tracey x


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