No Smoking Day

Back at day 1

Right, so here I am, back again. I thought I'd better get back to it as soon as possible otherwise it would've been months before I 'got round to it' again.

I smoked myself silly for 4 days, and apart from that first one, I can honestly say I didn't enjoy it, so I've taken that as a good sign. I'm not going back to the stop smoking group at work though cos I'll probably end up slapping that stupid patronising nurse.

I've also got a new tactic! I was given a prescription for the nicotine nasal spray, and I finally went and got it yesterday. I tried it, and It's REALLY good for getting rid of cravings. I had 1 squirt this morning, and got this weird prickly burning sensation around my nose and eyes, sneezed like a proper sneezy thing for 20 minutes, and lost about a gallon of body fluids from my eyes and nose! So, by the time I'd dealt with all of that, I'd COMPLETELY forgotten about having a fag. Genius invention lol.

So, 7 hours in to day 1 and I'm doing just fine. I haven't even thought about having a fag since the nasal spray episode first thing. I really need to get past the 3 weeks, 4 days barrier cos that's 2 quits gone at the same point this year!

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Good to have you back on board!

I understand that many people find day 3, week 3 and month 3 hard, I guess that you might one of them which is why 2 quits have gone bad in week 3.

Remember that each failed quit teaches you something that you can use on this next one. Stay strong and make this the quit that is for keeps.




Welcome back Dave. xxxx


Hi David

I am on the same boat, been quit for 6 weeks than smoked 25 sticks in one day, and as you said exept the first one all the rest felt discusting.

Anyway best of luck and remember how smoking a lot felt.



Good Luck

Good luck this time, and well done for getting back on track so soon, its quite brave actually, well done.




Good luck Dave



Thanks everyone. Especially MadAngel and Rick.

It's going really well so far (doesn't it always), and I actually haven't had any cravings. I think last weekend's failure has kind of reinforced my desire to quit, so I'm not looking at it as a bad thing.

I'm actually looking forward to this attempt!


Hi dave

If you start to feel you may cave in the future, and if you are anywherenear a computer, have a look at some of the articles on here:

Maybe something there will change your mind about caving.....

Remember there is absolutely NO situation that wll be made better by smoking. A bad situation will be just as bad (except you are smoking too) and a good situation will be just as good.....

Good luck this time Dave, Stay strong!!!


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