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Day 19-feeling ruddy awful

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Hi all, Got this far and today i really have an urge to have a smoke! WHY!.

My Big sis and nephew are coming from London for the weekend and im so looking forward to seeing them and take them out but im worried as she smokes...... Im still going to pop to the pub like we normally do and have a few bev's. Now do i just sit there and watch her and think horrid things whilst i sniff her smoke and hope that that will cure my urge? lol. I have to be strong i know cos if i let myself aswell as my other half down i will be gutted. I have also seen a difference in my skin which is good, and apart from sleeping rubbish i actually caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection in Co op's glass freezer door today and thought blimey i look more attractive:p .

Will my urges get better soon, can any of you tell me?. On a funny note i think my partner got a nicotine kick the other day as he moaned how my patch was stuck to his pants lmao.... how it got there i dont know but i hope his "you know wot" didnt go hot ichy and red like my arm does when i put them on.:eek:

5 Replies
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Keep up the good work

Hi Cazzy

Well done so far. :)

I am also on day 19 and today for a change has not been too bad. Had a really bad couple of days (days 17 and 18). Just about got over them. What a fight!!!

I think that you have to accept that there will be good days and bad days. Just don't give in.

At least smoking is banned in pubs now so you will not have to sit in the pub watching your sis smoke.:eek:

Be assured that deep down your sis would probably like to give up as well. Who do you know who smokes who would not quit tomorrow if they could do it easily? Giving up is worth the occasional hell we go through.

Perhaps your giving up could give your sis the boost that she needs to stop as well.:D

Well done again.

Dave and Allyson

Dave Smoked 29 years

Allyson 25 years

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Dave and allyson

Make a great deal of sense x x If she is supportive then she will be considerate too and not blatantly puff away in your face too!

I believe that by staying strong and showing your sister what you have achieved, she too will think twice about smoking and what her child is being exposed too.

Ohhh really I think the thought of a size increasing patch is one you should patent! you may be onto something there! :D

~Buffy x x

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i agree with you there buffy haha!

keep strong cazzy:)

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Hi Cazzy,

My best bit of advice for you is to use a bit of psychology and view it as an exciting challenge to overcome with the promise of a nice treat of some type at the end of it.

This is one of the hurdles that feels really good after you've overcome. The easy days you can take for granted, but these occasional hurdles when overcome are something to really really pat yourself on the back about and allow yourself a smug smile a bit like this....


Good Luck


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your support is great!

Cheers for all your comments.

Not going to give in, each morning i get up and come to the pc and look at the quitkeeper that i downloaded onto desktop and my son and i guess how much i have saved:eek: . DAY 19 and i have saved as i type £144.86 :D .

Thats a real kick up the ass... WOO HOOO new SHOES!:p God knows where the money has gone (apart from food bills etc etc) but weird how i could find it before. Oh ffs the rain has started:mad: wot is wrong with this weather...... Its nice to see people from all parts especially nr my home town of Surrey, so a big hi to Kent and Surrey peeps, hence im very new to a beautiful part of the country Devon.... MY LUVVVVERs

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