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Feeling awful


Not looking for sympathy here in anyways believe me, but I do feel bad. Since 23rd September I have had two quits for the first time since I started smoking - one for 50 days and one for a month. I have tried again since then, but have had little success apart from a few days. Now I have lost my motivation, well, not completely, as I have started taking Champix again. But I feel now as if the Champix was all that was holding me together and there wasn't anything of me in those quits. I feel so depressed, but I don't want anti-depressants from my doctor because my body can't tolerate them. And I feel lazy cos I can't be bothered to go through the hell of quitting. Which is shameful I know. I keep reading posts from other people on here who are doing so well, and I wish I could be like them. I know I have been through hard times lately, but who hasn't? So that is no excuse.

Sorry for this down post but I am down. No strength at the moment. Hope I get it back soon though cos I don't really want to be a slave to a stupid plant.

LOL the nicotine monster is like something out of 'Rocky's Little Shop Of Horrors' - 'FEED ME'.

Sorry to ramble on but just needed to let it out.

All the best to everyone with their quits.

Zoe xxxx

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Hi Zoe,I understand you completely I have been yoyo quiting for as long as I can remember, I start out positively and some times I have gone months sometimes weeks but more often only days, I don't think anyone will say it is easy but nothing worth fighting for is easy. I also know what it is like to be depressed and stressed so I do know where your coming from.

I wish I could give you an answer but I do know we have got to keep trying and we will get there. others do so will we.

Joan xx

I certainly have and I guess most people here have been where you are. No matter what you read, know, hear its not easy.

Dont be too down on yourself, try and be calm and take the right route.

Thank you

Thanks Joan, Andrew and Karri,

Guess I need a bit of support and to up my game.

Do appreciate you all so much.

Zoe xxxx


Pick your self up, you better than this :)

If I may offer my two cents0 worth, read this

Over all your quits all you been doing is putting your self through HELL.

Maybe CAN the NRT and try CT after three days you through the worst, however you on the other hand keep putting the nicotine back into you system (Silly Girl!!) "BIG SMILE" smoking or not smoking is a CHOICE but why make the process harder than it already is ? At this stage of the game you understand your addiction , the withdrwal process and nocotine cessation, the only thing holding you back is YOU.

It's time to man up and approach this smartly use the Understanding you have about quitting quit and stay away from ANY form of nicotine in three days you will be through it!

If i have come across a bit strong, I apologise BUT I have grown fond of you over the last few month's and maybe what you need is a firm hand *SMILE*

Stay Strong

Regards Gary

If I wrote this I would be slaughtered :D

Just saying ;)

Gary I wasn't on NRT I was on Champix, it doesn't contain nicotine. Tried CT but was very ill on Day 4 so it was time wasted for me.


Hi Zoe, how are you doing?


Hi Sara :) I'm still here :D

Plodding through it!! Up days and down days but still here.....just lol

Keep positive my lovely :)

i really wish you the best and can understand what you are going through. find what quit method is right for you and stick with it!

you are worth it and you have to believe that and keep trying. if you stopped smoking for 50 days in the past there is really nothing that you cant do because you have already proved you can do it so keep trying and have faith in yourself!!:)

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