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Help - Want to stop smoking (again)

Hi everyone,

I am new here and am hoping you guys can help me give up smoking for good this time. I gave up for 9 months a couple of years ago but when my partner left me I stupidly started again. I desperately want to stop for good and have decided that now is the time to do it. I have tried a few times recently but have really struggled, mainly due to the fact that I am now on my own with a young child and have no support.

I would appreciate any support you can give. I really want to quit this disgusting habit, especially as my mum died at 56 and she was a heavy smoker.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Mant thanks.


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Thanks for reply


Many thanks for the reply. I am using patches (although they make me itch like mad) and have an inhalator for when I am driving. I know everyone says only use one or the other but when I quit last time with a support group, the group leader said it was okay to use 2 different things if required.

I was amazed when I did give up before because I had smoked for over 20 years but for some reason I am really struggling this time. I think it is just the added pressure of being a single mum and not being able to do what I need to do such as going for a walk or to an exercise class etc. because I have no-one to leave my child with.

It is really hard at night time especially because I am stuck in the house, but I really want to give up for good this time and know I have to get through the first few really bad days/weeks because I know from experience it will get better.

I am hoping that if I log on here each evening it will help me.

Wish me luck.



Who is trying to change other peoples quit methods then bonny? :confused:


You have to quit the way thats best for you, there are people who will try to change how you quit but its your choice

I'll say no more. The above says it all.


Hi tessh

Good job on deciding to quit. I found that logging in here constantly for, oh, months helped me in my quit. There are various members and various methods but ultimately all any of us want to do is quit the fags and be free. You'll get loads of support (and fun) here too.

Welcome to the forum and all the best :D


Hi Tess and welcome to the forum,

You've gone nine months before so you'll know what to expect, are you using the support group this time around? On a previous quit (I am using champix this time) I was told it was OK to use the patches coupled with the inhalator. Have you tried sticking the patches on another part of your body i.e you legs or buttocks, this worked well for me, guess the skin was maybe a bit tougher there:):)





Hi tessh. Congrats on the decision. Read the forum and the many links you'll find, be happy about what your doing, please do not worry about it either and you'll do fine.

Stick around here too, always someone to banter with who's going thru the same as you are!


welcome Tess :D

keep coming on here, you will be fine :)


Go for it!

Hi Tess,

You can do it!

There's lots of tips about things to do 9drink water, eat frozen grapes!) in various parts of the forum, and lots of people who will supprt and give advice.

We're all in the same boat and determined to cut the dependence on the evil weed.

Number one important starting point in my book is to really, clearly know that you've had enough of the foul habit and you're NOT GOING TO DO IT ANYMORE.




Welcome and hi Tess congrats on your quit, your gonna do just great, keep posting , let us know how your doing. :D


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