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Help !!!! I want to stop!!!

I need help!!!

I want to stop smoking , but I seem to have this mental block!!!

I have read Alan Carr about three times , I have spent a large amount of money on Hypnotherapy, I have bought numerous cds etc.

I want to stop , but once I start the process, my mind takes over and starts to wage a war in my head , its tiring me out physically and I invariably end up buy smokes, having a couple then starting the war all over again.

What is wrong with me!!:confused:

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Hi Suze,

I think you're describing a whole lot of the folks who have posted on, for one.

I went through years and years of doing just what you describe.

So...what changed for me, and what can change for you?

This time, for some reason, I just knew I had to do it...and i took the time and trouble to do whatever I thought I needed to do before quitting. In my case, it was to join first an NHS quitting group...who met once a week...and, once I realised that that would peter out after just a few weeks, to come on here...once i was told it existed. I found myself not properly stopping fotr a few weeks and then, once I got on here and started in the Day 1 threads and progressed through, I found that the company of others, the information available, and the chance to stay in a circle of people committed to not smoking, have given me what I need this time to not only stay stopped but to feel liberated and free whilst doing that....bad moments and physical sickness notwithstanding. I'm now three months plus into it .

Give yourself the best chance possible. Take your time and gather what you need in the way of information and a good plan before you start...and post, post, post. If you're not ready to quit this time, or next time, you will be one day. The only one keeping you smoking is YOU. You have the power to decide to break the cycle of addiction and really do.

Use the forum..Use whatever else you need. Decide your strategy.



Evening Bill

Don't often see you around on a Sunday - do we?? You on holiday??

Suze there are many ways of quitting, I was a serial quitter and have tried them all, anyone that goes CT I admire - but personally I doubt I could have done it alone.

Seek out you local smoking clinic , read as much as you can off the internet and get what help you can, if you decide some form of NRT thats fine. I myself used champix to me it is a wonderdrug. At the end of the day we all want to same and thats to be free of nictotine any which was we can



I have been quit for 3 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days, 20 hours, 29 minutes and 38 seconds (101 days). I have saved £1,121.25 by not smoking 5,092 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 16 hours and 20 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 06/02/2008 21:17


Not really sure what to add really that is not repeating what has already been said.

Again, I have tried stopping before and my only substantial quit before this one was a few years ago now and that quit lasted 2 and a half years. However, this time round, my 3rd proper attempt, feels different. It feels one helluva lot easier. I never ever thought I'd be able to pack up the fags. I felt I depended on them and could never imagine a life without them. However, here I am over 6 wks into my quit and I feel great without them. I still get thoughts of smokes obviously but no craves.

Cigarettes played a big part in my life as I'm sure they do yours Suze and it is with great pleasure that I now LOVE not being slave to the evil weed! My life is mine once more and not dominated or ruled by fags :D

Yours too can be free of the nasty weed so set a quit date soon and we'll all help you as best we can! :)


Hi Suze, I felt the same as you. had tried every means of quiting but failed every time.

You need to have your head in the right place, which you seem to have. ie, the desire to quit.

Personally i found Champix the way forward and have stopped for 8 weeks now. this is the best i have ever done.

Good luck with your quit


I have been quit for 1 Month, 4 Weeks, 19 hours, 57 minutes and 12 seconds (58 days). I have saved £176.49 by not smoking 1,176 cigarettes. I have saved 4 Days and 2 hours of my life. My Quit Date: 20/03/2008 23:45


Thankyou !!

Thankyou all for your words of encouragement yesterday .

I think for me , it was not only your kind encouragement that helped , but the actual act of coming here.

I totally agree that you have got to have your head in the right place, and the quit has got to be for YOU, no one else.

Not sure what clicked yesterday , but something seemed to, maybe I just hit bottom and now I am bouncing back up.

Today has been really good ( bit scared at getting too euphoric yet but it does feel different) , have felt very positive, totally nicotine free , still getting slight association pangs , but that empty insecure, yuck feeling seems to have subsided, and my head has calmed down.

Onward an upward !

Not sure what day of the quit this is, dont know if you can count Sat and Sunday they were not totally Nicotine free ???


So good to have another satisfied customer!!

Congrats Suze :D;)

The nicotine leaves your system (for the most part) within 72 hours. But you should count the days according to your last cigarette, the object of this was to stop smoking and you did that. So pat yourself on the back! :)

(He always nips in juuuuuust before me)


You are doing great Suze! :)

Keep posting :)

Keep reading :)

Stay positive :)

You can do this!


Hi Suze, congrats on your quit .. not a lot to add really except keep focused keep posting and whenever your feeling "needy" theres always someone here to help ... well done , :)

15I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 9 hours, 37 minutes and 1 second (15 days). I have saved £78.54 by not smoking 308 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 1 hour and 40 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 05/05/2008 08:45.

second quit ... failed on day 6 of my first !


Quitting smoking is such a strange thing we all put ourselves through. It really is ten times easier if you stop because you want to and for yourself. I tried to stop so many times. I wish i'd found this place years ago.


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