Does anyone want Allen Carr's book, "Easy Way To Stop Smoking"?

Hi all

I've just been to a car boot sale and found two copies of Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking anyone looking for a copy of this book? I've seen it mentioned a few times on this forum and they were so ridiculously cheap it seemed a shame to leave them there.

I asked one seller jokingly if it had worked for her, she said no but she'd only read half of it, but that it had worked for her Dad...

If anyone wants one please let me know....

Day 37 for me, this last week has been the easiest of all so far for me, I find myself realising that I hadn't thought of cigarettes in a good few hours, if that makes sense? Never thought I'd say that, not in the first four weeks! :)

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  • Thanks Mr/Ms Angry Bear, How thoughtful of you x I would be up for it but for a poster posting a link to a pdf on here a few months ago (Capitan I think but not sure). I printed it off but being the true scots lady I am I printed it 2 to a side (well there are over 600 pages!) .. I'm a newbie once more and fancy a recap so if I have trouble reading it with my ever-diminishing sight I might come back to you :o)

  • Hi Suze

    I'm a Mr ha ha!

    No problem, I have two of them, I've just seen it mentioned a few times on here and they seemed too cheap at 50p each to leave in boxes of books...seemed like a waste. Maybe I've been spending too much time on here :)

  • Glad to see that you are doing really well xx

  • Hi AB

    That's incredibly kind of you. Aren't you just a bit curious - not going to keep one for yourself and have a read?!? ;)

    Not that you need the reinforcement! I remember replying to your first post on here, and now you're almost 6 weeks smoke free.

    Too much time on here? No such thing - whatever keeps us stopped! :)

    Keep on keeping on. :D

  • Hi Shazza

    yeah you were one of the first of the nice people I heard from as I recall, seems like I've known everyone on here for ages, not just 38 days!!

    I've had a flick through, looks interesting enough and something I might have leaned on if I was starting now, but as I feel OK for today I'll keep on as I am and I wouldn't want these books sitting around here for weeks on end (hopefully!) if they can be of some use to someone else who's struggling a bit.

    It was just an opportune moment for a bit of good karma as much as anything, but I go to a lot of car boots and deal in a lot of online book sales as a bit of a sideline / hobby (not that I want anything for either of these, don't get me wrong!) and don't recall having seen this book before on my travels...fate or what?! :)

  • Does anyone want Allen Carr's book, "Easy Way To Stop Smoking"?

    I hear it's going to be a long, cold winter. For 50p, it might be worth the extra heat on the fire! :D

    Just kidding!


  • I hear it's going to be a long, cold winter. For 50p, it might be worth the extra heat on the fire! :D

    Just kidding!


    Well the cheapest one's only about three quid on eBay or Amazon anyway by the looks of it so you might not be far wrong in the end ha ha :D

  • If I were to write a book on this subject the title would be.......

    Giving up smoking is a bit hard for a day or three (a week tops), but after that it gets really easy and great.

    The easy way to stop smoking...pah! :)

  • Yes please

    I would like a copy for my sister if I may?

  • Mines gone back to the library today.. Didn't really like it

  • Certainly!

    You're more than welcome Haze, PM me an address, I will post for you tomorrow when I'm next in town running errands :) More nice positivity Dippy Egg!

  • One left!

    Still got one of these books if anyone wants it.....

  • Four books now....

    I've been to a giant car boot sale this morning and managed to find two more "Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking" books, and a Paul McKenna "Quit Smoking Today" book, so I have three Allen Carrs now and the other Paul McKenna one ....if anyone wants a copy please let me know and I'll post you one.

    I've only reposted this as a) I have found some more books, and b) there seems to be quite few new quitters about which is obviously good :) I know they don't cost much on eBay or Amazon but I got all three for a combined total of 80p so it seemed a waste to leave them there, same as before....:cool:

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