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scared of stopping smoking help!

hi guys i am a new member ,ive just hit 30 and decided i really need to stop smoking for my health and for my kids, i have an appointment next thursday for the smoking clinic and im thinking of trying champix, i have tried patches and gum before but never really stuck to it, my main problem is when i quit i become a complete nightmare and just think start smoking again for an easy life. but im really determined to do it this time but find it really scary to think my life will totally change, most of my family and friends smoke too and to be honest i dont think they really believe i can do it, so im looking for new non smoking friends and hoping i can get a little support on her and have someone to sound off to, any tips at all would be greatly received thanks x

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Hi mrswills,

I posted a reply to the post you added in tips if you want to have a read



Hi Mrswills,

I too was totally scared (and still am a bit sometimes), so what I told myself was that this was just an experiment, just to see how I would get on, and if it didn't work out then I'd be no worse off than if I hadn't tried.

Doesn't work for everyone, but it's helped me not to panic.

Hopefully the clinic will be able to advise you on the best method - just be open with them about your fears.

Good luck and I hope you keep posting :)


Hi Mrs W

If you go for Champix, you will see a lot of other peoples experience of it on these threads - the good and the bad. On the positive side, it significantly reduces the craving, and therefore the nighmarish behaviour! In comparison with previous quits, I have been sweetness and light this time...

So don't be scared - be excited! This could be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. And if you try Champix, you will have a couple of week's lead in to get used to the idea. Good luck.


It is perfectly normal to be scared about quitting.

It is something you have come to rely on to help you deal with everyday life. The irony is that it doesn't actually help the only reason people think it does is that its harder to deal with things while your body is wanting a nicotine dose.

Understanding what to expect from quitting is helpful, knowledge is power, the thing is we have been conditioned to think that quitting is near impossible when the truth is that nicotine has a short withdrawal period (3 weeks) the tricky bit is learning how to live as a non smoker.

Over the decades of smoking we build up a conditioned response and associations with smoking, here are a few

[INDENT]Bored - Have a fag

Busy - Have a fag

Tired - Have a fag

Just woken - Have a fag

Happy - Have a fag

Sad - Have a fag


The fact is we give nicotine magical properties it can not assist with all those situations as one drug can not perform in 2 opposite ways, and clearly there are opposites above. In fact nicotine is a stimulant that's all everything else we think its doing is psychological, we just need to remove a craving before getting on with things.

Beating the habit much easier once understand this, and if you can see quitting as a positive thing regaining health, wealth and control you are half way there. Also try to let go of the idea that you are giving something up, that implies sacrifice and really there is no loss in stopping poisoning yourself. If you constantly feel that you are depriving yourself and have made some great sacrifice then sooner or later temptation will get the better of you.

To summarise changing the way you think about smoking makes it much easier and much less scary.


Thanks for the replies,just knowing there are people out there doing it helps a lot ,and i can really relate to the excuses of smoking, and have always found an excuse not to do it just yet, but i want better for my kids as i come from a big family of smokers and i hate to think my kids might be next,ive already cut down a lot just cant quite get rid of the last few cigs that i have when the cravings get bad so am really looking forward to going to the smoking clinic on thursday, hopefully i will be posting on day 1 soon!!



Good luck. When your struggling and need to vent,send a post on here . I had so much support and I still need it. You will get there :D


Best Wish's for Thursday

what a lovely thing to do for your children

and for yourself .. :)


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