week two, here i go!!

Hi all, I am heading into my second week of freedom from cigarette's, and I just can't wait for each day to come and count each one as nicotine free. I have been building myself up for the past four weeks or so and cut down to 2 - 3 ciggys for the first three weeks and decided to cut out completely last week. The best thing I could have done, my only regret is that I did not quit ages ago. But I have to look ahead and concentrate on achieving my goal of staying smoke free.

I also made the decision to quit drinking as this was my downfall in my previous attempts, now I train seven days a week and eat all the good stuff and do I feel on top of the world!! Things can only get better..

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  • congratulations...

    so pleased you've made it this far and I'm sure this will be the real deal for you...

    we all think "why didn't i do this before..." but there's a right time for each and every one of us and this is yours..

    good luck, stay strong...each day gets better but beware complacency:p;)

    keep posting...we're (mostly) all here to help...


  • well done :)

    cant really add any more, Nicky said it all !

    keep strong

  • Your doing great keep up the good work.

    have a wonderful smoke free day.:)

  • good luck

    just remember to drink plenty of water!!!

    And eat little and often!!!!

  • Thanks everyone, for all your words of encouragement. Its good to hear from people out there who are going through this.

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