No Smoking Day


Well todays the day ,but what a night. I had my last dirty stick at 11.45pm last night before going to bed all patched up. I was told that patches could disturb my sleep, but not the way they did. First of all i was digging up giant red cabbages the size of a kids play house just before i happened to fall down a mine shaft with just my head and shoulders above the ground,that woke me up quite suddenly.I managed to get back to sleep and woke at 6.20am sweating like mad because id been running round hogwarts with Harry Potter being chased by death eaters,pretty scary, but i didnt reach for a fag.Is this going to be regular thing having these nightmares or will they stop after a few days.The good thing is i will be able to run wit Harry Potter in a few weeks time without getting out of breath(lol).But at least i managed to come downstairs and boil the kettle without reaching for a cigarette and still havent i know its only early but i"ve usually had a few by now.

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Oh yes and id just like to say thanks to those who wished me luck.


Great decision to quit Sue..............

Just maintain your focus and hold on tight for a bumpy ride........:)

Believe me, it will improve day on day and week on week.

Good luck :cool:



Congratulations on deciding to quit, Is this your first Attempt?

I used the patches previously, and i'll tell you what - I miss them dreams! I'd use the patches again just for them

Stick with it - it will get better and remberber you can always switch to the patch 16 hour patch


Sue KB


Well done Sue on starting this journey of ridding yourself of the evil Nic O'tine.

Those dreams seem pretty amazing...probably not to you in the middle of the night though. I'm almost tempted to try out patches just for the dreams :eek:

Have a good day,

C :)


i remember some restless nights when i tried the patches on one of my previous quit attempts, i was told to take them off at night , put one back on in the morning.

keep busy :)


This is my second attempt to quit but im more determined this time, health reasons mainly,heart disease in family,brother had heart attack and now waiting fora bypass at 47yr old so its pretty much the best thing to do. I did want to try Champix but my doctor refused me them because of family history of heart problems also because id suffered with depression a few yrs ago.I"ll carry on with the patches id rather put up wth the dreams than smoke i know they will stop eventually.


hi sue

how are u feeling? i tried patches once and hated them, felt like i was on some type of trip!! lol

stay focussed this site really does help, especially when ur feelin a bit feak and weeble ;)



You are doing great Sue, stick with it and as John says, "read, read,read" (check out the site on my sig) :)

I tried the patches too, but had to take them off at night :eek:

I did want to try Champix but my doctor refused me them because of family history of heart problems

I used Champix for 9 weeks. Mother, Father, Brother all dead from heart disease. Doctor didn't mention a link there :confused:


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