No Smoking Day


ok day 5 not been to bad but have had a bit of a panic thought of when i come off patches that im just goingto smoke again :confused:

cos they are really helping but whats it like when you stop them i know its a while yet before that happens just wanted to know if anyone had done it????

other then that i am doing ok i think smug at the thought of all the money i have saved in just 5 days between me and hubby its £70 :eek: and i like the fact its in my packet and not theirs :p


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Hi Jill,

The people at the clinic I went to say that 10 - 12 weeks on NRT is about right. I have lost a quit before now thinking I could come off the NRT before I really could..So that's one thing to watch for.

As far as coming off goes...most people seem to find it actually just leaves them rather than anything else: they forget to put the patches on for a couple of days, for instance, and then stop. I was using an inhalator and very nervous about coming off the thing, having tripped up before. So I did some work...thought through when I would come off the NRT and what I would use for combatting the urges if they came.

I stopped the NRT initially at around 8 weeks for about 5 days and found myself really miserable, so I started again and I started using a Bach flower remedy recommended by a person who posts on here just before I stopped the second time after 12 weeks.

This time it's been just fine, and I think I've been much more wobbly than most when it comes to stopping the NRT. In my opinion, it is worth keeping going for 10 to 12 weeks though.

Main message is "Don't worry about it, by the time you need to quit NRT you'll be so happy with yourself and feeling so much better from quitting that you'll really not find it a difficult transition".

Coming off the forum that's a bridge I've yet to cross.

So glad you're still with us!

Keep it up!

Bill x


thanks bill it sounds like sound advice i guess its just a bridge i will have to cross when i come to it.

well day6 today and alli can think about is that it will be a week tomorrow but yet the woman at clinic said i should not count the days as it will make me want to smoke but i cant help it lol

to be honest its one of the first things i think about when i wake up now i dont know if thats healthy or not or if other people do it but its just me reminding myself that i dont smoke as other wise i want a cig when i wake up.

anyway thats enough from me (until next time lol)

good luck all



Hi Jill

I'm on Day 54 and still counting! LOL

Well done on completing a week :)


Well done Jill, you have done so much good for your body in just one week, things smell much better, the taste is so much better also.

I am on day 9 and feeling so good and proud of the things i have now got, a much cleaner pair of lungs, a lot more cash in my pocket, a better life for my kids with a no-smoking mum.

You can join the May Day Quitters if you like. :D


Morning Jill

& days today the first week of your non smoking life Dont forget to treat yourself today. You have done yourself proud the worse week is over things will never be as hard as week one we imagine they are. HEHE. Have a lovely sunny sunday. Linda xxxx


thanks all sorry wasnt on sunday i was in garden all day and then went to bbq :D feeling good at the mo will come back later

good luck all



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