Champix - How long b4 it kicks in please!

:confuse -d: OK I admit to being NOT the most patient person in this world but I am anxious to know when this stuff starts to kick in(.I confess that I am only on day 2 of champix) I do not seem to be smoking less but when I do have a cig I realise its just boredom or like 'it's about time I had a fag' Its not like I have an URGE to smoke. Just habit I suppose. Anyway I've read that cigs start to taste nasty -so you don't fancy one any more. Can anyone shed a light as to when I might experience this. T H A N K Y O U !

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  • Hello Kazza,

    Ok I might be a help but I am not sure. I don't take champix and I never did but my grandmother is taking it as well as my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law. My grandmother cut down from 1 pack a day to 3 ciggies in a day after being on champix for 3 days. She said that she just feel like smoking. My mother-in-law smoked for 8 days on champix pretty much the same amount as she normally would even though she said she didn't feel like she NEEDED one. The only difference was she was getting heart burn whenever she lit up. She continued to light up anyway and didn't stop smoking until her quit date (day 10 on champix). My sister-in-law smoked normally for 4 days and then had flu like symptoms whenever she lit up. She quit smoking because of the way they made her feel and when she wasn't smoking the flu like symptoms went away. She was not feeling proper on champix and quit the medication all together after 15 days on it and is now back to smoking full time :eek:

    Point to the story is I think it all depends on the person! When you have a side effect from smoking ex. bad taste in your mouth, heartburn, nausea...I would stop because that is probably your body telling you - I HAD ENOUGH!!

  • Thanks No smokey babes. I get a bit more insight when REAL peole tell me. Yes

    I've read the internet,studied loadsa books (I'm a librarian in real life!) but I have learned that books can 'stretch the truth' and that true-life experiences are

    far more honest and realistic. Like I said in my previous post I am only on day 2 so I will try and not get so worked up about it !;) `

  • You are very welcome Kazza and I am sorry i couldn't give you a better answer! Yep the best thing to do is not worry and just take it one day at a time. You will know when the time is right. Don't rush it and try not to get worked up about it because you may cause yourself stress and then it may take longer for the meds to work. Just let it do its job when it's ready - trust me...if its going to work on you - it WILL happen.

    Have a great night :)

  • Ok kazza,

    I don't know the dosing there in the UK but here in usa it is day 8 u lay down the smokes. About day 4, when the full 1mg had kicked in I could tell I wasn't getting any satisfaction from them and they didn't taste the same. I bought just enuff cigarettes to make it to day 8 because I didn't know if I would have enuff willpower to quit otherwise. Luckily I ran out the evening of the 7th. I was scared about the next am as that is when I had always smoked the most. No biggie, just slept in later and took an am shower instead of the nite before. Changed up my routine real well. Now it's shower am, one cup coffee, dressed and out the door, 35 minutes, beats the hour 1/2 before.

    don't forget to be eating something first for the am dose

  • It does affect people differently Karen. Day 7 I was still panicking because I'd named day 8 to give up and still didn't hate or feel sick when I smoked. I had cut down a bit though. Anyway I stuck with my date, even though I wasn't sure I was ready, and am still doing ok :)

    I've read that some people wait up to a couple of weeks before they stop, although all the literature seems to say it should be one week into taking Champix.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Take care



  • Kazza

    i am on champix when i started the first 2 weeks tablets i was smoking more right up to stop date.I am now on month4 and reducing tablets down to 1 a day and have been smokefree and feel great. So stick with it, champix will help as did this forum but you still need to be determined to stop. Good Luck Kazza

  • Hi matey I am new here, the champix started working for me after day 4 whether it be psychological or not I don't know. I was a smoker for 25 years 40 a day most days and stopped the morning of day 4 without the want for another cigarette.

  • Dred

    I'd actualy forgotten I'd even written this post! (I was only onday 2 and this was back in sep)

    I needn't have panicked. I am almost 3 mths smoke free !:D

  • Hi matey I am new here, the champix started working for me after day 4 whether it be psychological or not I don't know. I was a smoker for 25 years 40 a day most days and stopped the morning of day 4 without the want for another cigarette.

    Thats good Dred... how long have you been stopped my friend. I found 12 weeks on Champix quite easy... it was like a game. Then when the Champix stopped the cig thoughts came back. I haven't succumbed... and hopefully won't but it just aint getting easier. 14 weeks and 1 day... must... keep..... going.....:D:D


  • Hi bob I wrote another post this morning, not doing so good right now, still not smoked but not feeling all that good....

  • I think the main problem is GP's don't understand Champix enough. If it was prescribed in a very small dose for say... 12-18 months by that time the phsychological element of smoking will have stopped. Its not that I need nicotine... or the need for a smoke but my brain is craving for something causing depression, lack of concentration etc... I new it would never be easy but with Champix being so new it makes you wonder what else its doing to the brain alongside stopping you from smoking.


    btw.. thanks for the reply Dred...

  • Calums gran

    I actually began taking champix on 25 sep and stopped smoking on 3 oct. I've now been quit for 87 days (almost 3 months).

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