No Smoking Day

very tough day !

Hi Peeps ! my cold is better today thanks , ive decided to take off the patches .. well i did last night actually cos ive been having trouble sleeping so not had a patch on for 24 hrs or more. have to say i have struggled today and ive been a right moody cow ! but i just want this nicotine outta my system ! and ive not given in .. even though i was soooo tempted at about 8 this evening ! (if im honest i could kill for one now!) im chewing nicotine gum which is pissing me off cos i really want all this sh**t out of my system . hate the fact that im an addict .i feel such a weekling ! and am really angry with myself ! in fact im angry at everyone and everything .. i actually had a slight argument with my partner tonight .. WE NEVER EVER ARGUE ! and it almost reduced me to tears , how sad is that ? I dont feel like me .. anyone else get this ? xxx:mad:

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It'll all be fine! I had the snappy moments with my boyfy too, your mind wants you to find an excuse to smoke. I'm sure he'll understand you'll have moments for a wee while.

You can get the CRAP out of your system.

Why don't you nip over to and read some articles, that helped me. Where is John when you need him to plug LOL

You'll be fine, just take deep breaths and know this will pass soon! ;)


THANKS FAIRY .. just need someone to tell me its all perfectly normal . was climbing the walls earlier ! Ive done cold turkey before and yes it was difficult but ... boy im finding it so hard today ! but im not going to give in to it ! x


Yes it is perfectly normal, but you know this feeling is only temporary and when you wake up tomorrow you will feel so much better!

Sleep well!



Sorry you are having a hard day. Try having a nice bubble bath and into bed. Things will be much better tomorrow Thank god we have more good days than bad. Night night. Linda xxxx


Thanks Linda and Fairy ! will go off to my bed now and have a lovely nights sleep and wake up feeling NORMAL tmrw xxx


Morning Babe

Hope your feeling better this lovely sunday. Linda xxx



I hope you are felling better today - I think many members will tell you that they have been more emotional then normal when quitting - personally it did not bother me this time - BUT - it has done with past quits. so think we could safely assume that the way you are feeling is normal - BUT - things will get better - sooner then you think ! Just take one day at a time!




I have been quit for 2 Months, 1 Week, 6 Days, 12 hours, 46 minutes and 1 second (73 days). I have saved £806.17 by not smoking 3,676 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Week, 5 Days, 18 hours and 20 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 06/02/2008 21:17

I found the first 2 weeks or so very emotional, up down left right and centre. I was back to 'normal' about 2 weeks after and now 4 weeks in I have to say I feel great, renewed energy, clear lungs, no slavery, richer, happier.

The best thing to do is make sure your partner and especially yourself understands you will not be yourself for a couple of weeks. equilibrium will return as will your sanity and you will be more powerful mentally and physically than you have been in a long while when you come out of the other side.

I went to play golf yesterday for the first time since i quit. Normally i would chuff fag after fag on the course which is why i avoided it. Yesterday on the course i did have quite a few moments when i wanted a smoke but was able with some effort to just tell myself no, one thing i did notice was how i could smell the fresh grass and spring in the air, how I could concentrate more on the game. I was able to walk around the course without losing breath and thoroughly enjoyed the game cigarette free.

Keep your eye on the prize, freedom. The joy and release you will feel when you are no longer a slave has intangible benefits you can never even imagine as a smoker. Last night i looked at anti smoking videos on youtube, i remember how i would dismiss them as a smoker, that is how powerful the drug is, i didn't care. Now when i look at what happens to lungs or arteries to smokers i coil in horror and gasp in terror, my mind has been freed and i can actually see with fresh clean eyes and thoughts what smoking can do.

Be FREE, do not give in to cigarettes you will not regret it.


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