No Smoking Day


Come on there must be someone out there!!!!!!!

I can honestly say i am dying here. Feel awful. Need to do complicated report and cant even use the mouse properly.

This is worth it though i cant wait to get down the gym and enjoy the feeling of drawing a clear breath without that tight, painful, repressed feeling in your chest you get after smoking then trying to work out...

im talking to myself for now but hope some of you might like to set up a group!:p

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I havent given in

Thanks everyone - this really helps today's been so painful - someone at work recommended this site and he has pointed out that i am acting fairly dilarious today. That is true but the description that every part of my body is screaming is strangely apt... arghhh does just about sum it up.

But i havent given in. Looks like im the only person on day 3 today huh? I'll have to be in the loner group. I'll call it billy no mates gang....

Been down the gym, and although i feel a little weak and light headed it does make a difference already that i am not smoking- my lungs start clearing almost straight away, and i can take much deeper breaths already.

I'm starting to worry already about tomorrow. I have to see my friend who is a heavy smoker. Im going to go to the gym all morning and pound it out, and the rush i get from not feeling weak and wheezy i know will steele me.

Thanks again for all of the messages everyone- i can honestly say you guys have got me through today so far. This site is fab.

Im interested to know about how you felt after the first few days. im a bit concerned about the depression stage given split up last week with boyfriend status.... Worried i might transcend rapidly into so depressed, drink wine, sob into glass whilst listening to james morrison then rush to buy cigarettes in pathetic act of desparation. So any advice of what to do to get through this- im guessing keep active is the best idea- ive also got st johns wort but think my friend says it takes 3 weeks to get into system....:o:eek;D:confused;cool: (representing irrepresible frequent change in mood today- in 5 minutes i vacilllated from estactic euphoria to incessant rage then returned to a nice calm bonkers state goddammit just want to go back to normal)


Day 3 definately was the worse day ever for me, funny isn't it (well not actually, I can hear you shout) lol

Day 4 is much much better, just think of how well you have done to getting this far and give yourself a big pat on the back.

The craves are still there for me but they are not so intense anymore and they don't last that long.

Keep up the good work.


RIV !!! I wanna be in your group,we are both on day hell ,sorry day 3 and its a brill idea !!! lets get this party started xxx ---- (kat passes riv a drink of champagne to celibrate )


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