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Arghhh day 3 is!


Well it's day three and i have read everyone else's posts and i am miserable as hell. The guys i work with are pretty good - they've been encoraging me along and realising that although i sound like a B**** and talk like a B****, i generally am not one....have been keeping a safe distance (with the odd word of encouragement).

I am feeling really light headed and am trying the juice thing, i think it's blood sugars? I too have tried to quit a number of times and failed and felt lousey and like a loser (Capital L), the worse thing is because i smoked about 3-5 a day, i was almost convinicing myself that i should "just have one", before you start typing...i didn't.

Actually just wish i could get the grumpy old man out of me, i feel like the old guy from last of the summer wine!

Good luck, hopefully talk soon

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Hang in there buddy :D I was unable to focus on anything on day 3... and by the end of the day I was "...well may as well go to bed then cos there's no reason point staying up if I cant smoke" lol ... but stay with it ... and don’t forget this hard bit because will need to remember it later down the line, so you are not tempted to just try that one puff again once it starts to get easier for you...

Remember at day 3 your body is at maximum starvation of nicotine... be proud of yourself you are doing really well mate.

its day three for me as well so far so good but on my own in house could be a bit different when the tribe come in:D.had a bit of a shout yesterday and if it happens again today ill have to go live where people arent:D.keep hanging in their cos it can only get better.


Hi SSucks; you're not wrong, Day 3 is a b**ger as i recall! The good news is that it only lasts as long as all the other days - and it's already 11.30am so you're nearly half way through!:D

keep strong and busy, before you know it you'll be in Day 4 and then on the way to Week 2!:)

Day 3 is a notorious b*tch but like Steve says, you're nearly halfway through it. If all else fails just go to bed and sleep away the rest of day 3. Here's to an easier day 4. :)

I suppose everyone is different but yesterday- Day 2- was a lot worse for me, I was awful - i've managed to control my temper a bit better today but I am still a bit grumpy and irritable.

It just makes me want to quit more when I think them stupid little cancer sticks have the ability to make me moody (when im usually overly happy lol) if i don't have one

Thanks Guys Day 3 did suck but day 4

got loads better - day 5 seemed to be the killer. I made it through day 4 no problems even went out for some drinks and managed to refrain. Then Mondayitis hit up and i'm looking atthe ground thinking - well that cigarettes not too wet maybe if i could light a fire from my finger and smoke it?!

In the end one of my colleagues was outside smoking and i asked for a drag - and it was all bells and whistles, angels came floating down and i was euphoric....NOT. Foul taste in mouth, did nothing for me, seemed ludicrous to stand in pissing rain with cancer-stick-on-fire, in mouth. So, lesson learnt - mental note MUST NOT cave again.

Thanks for all the support feel like an arse and will not let you or me down again!


better to feel like an arse than feel like a ciggy! keep strong!:D

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