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bad taste in mouth

hi ya,

i am now up to 2 months, last time I came on it was I month was on patches went to hypnosis fantastic, has worked for me I don't want a ciggy even when my husband lights up. Only problem I'm having is a really bad taste in my mouth along with a dryness, I am still getting the anxiety & irritability spells. I thought these would have goone by now. Is anyone else having the same trouble and have you any tips on getting rid of taste.

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Can't say I ever had the 'bad taste in mouth' thing but I'm sure there are others out there that have experienced similar.

I hear you re the irritability thing though! I too have no craving for cigarettes yet still experience mood swings. Its strange. I guess its just our bodies adjusting to being a non smoker now...

Well done for stopping! :)


I had a bad taste in my mouth yesterday at around 6 o'clock when those Mancs beat Arsenal :( Other than that i think chewing gum is about the best taste as you are use to nicotine.

As for the irritability, i suffered incredibly but i can assure you this does go in time. I think i only killed twice in the first 3 months. :rolleyes:

Seriously though, well done and keep up the good work!


Hi johntkd,

Thanks for the info, yes I think that helps, I have been to the dentist, she said that she thought it might be gum disease due to quitting, gave them a clean and took some x rays. But wasn't sure about taste. After reading your articule it makes sense. Just got to get through this stressed out feeling.


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