Probs with sleep?????

Hi all,

Just been reading your messages regarding sleep,well if it helps,i have had a prob with sleeping at night for the last 18 nights,havent been to bad for the last four nights,(although still restless at times,)as i have been put on B vitamins,before i started taking the B vits i was so bad at night,tossing and turning etc,it became unbearable,by the time it was morning i was totally dead,fit for the knackers yard,i mentioned to the pharmist that i have given up smoking,and told the symptoms and she gave me B vits and said to take two a day,well its been nearly a week since i started to take em and i must admitt i have heaps of energy by day,and starting to sleep better although at times been rather restless...(its only been four days,lol) so it's bed at 10 and up at 630/700 ready for the new day...hope this helps for those who are't sleeping to well...

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  • Thanks Shorts I will try rubbish sleeper smoking or not. Linda xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Shorts - I will try this as well. Same as Linda really, can go 2/3 nights where I'm dead to the world and then the next 2/3 either keep waking up every hour or not able to get off at all. Still will let you know if they work on me. :D:)

  • hi..

    have you tried "herbal" sleeping tablets? Boots do their

    own brand, I use "Night Kalms"..brilliant..says take 4,

    I take one and I'm away wth the fairies:D

    there are lots out there, main thing is they're non addicitve:D


  • Hi its really funny but this quit i have felt so tired all day and into the evening that i've been sleeping like a log, in previous attempts I suffered all the symptons that you are experiencing. Lavender oil is a really good sleeping aid, you put a few drops onto your pillow and into your bath water and away you go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    You can find Lavender oil in Chemists and health food shops.

    Tip, don't put too much on your pillow as lavender can work as a stimulant!!!!

  • Tip, don't put too much on your pillow as lavender can work as a stimulant!!!!

    Ooh. I wonder how much I could put on o/h's pillow to stimulant him. Heehee:D:D:D

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