No Smoking Day
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Tomorrow I will be three weeks quitYeeeee

I all , just to let you know tomorrow will have been smoke free for three weeks. Getting better every day, craveings few and far between, so all is good. But I will not put my guard down ths time, minds can play funny tricks on you I know this from past quits.

Well done everyone. Joan xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Yaay for Joanie!

Well done hun, that's wonderful! Keep going!


Well Done Joanie, three weeks is brill and keep up the good work and keep that guard up.

I'm just a little ahead of you in my quit, so the only piece of advice I can give you, is that I felt the same about cravings, thought this is cool I can manage this, then one day, those pesky things crept up on me and I nearly caved in and just managed to get past it.

Take care and one again well done



Brilliant Joanie, well done :D


Well done Joanie keep going :D x


Fantastic news Joan - I do hope the guys in the week 3 room tidy up before you get there :D


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