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Will be away for a couple of days


Right I've decided to take up my friends offer and go stay for a long weekend with her and her family.

They have a cottage in the Mourne mountains, with a bit of land and some goats, chickens etc.

Anna will love it.

They're no smokers which is good, but no internet access which is bad!!!

If we go anywhere near an internet cafe,but not too sure if we will, can be a bit "back of beyond" will try and log in.

If not - be assured will be thinking of you all, keep up the good fight and so will I.

Speak to you all Monday

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You go have a fab and relaxing time. xx

enjoy and a have a nice time

Have a lovely and relaxing time. oooo im jealous its yonks since i been away. xx:D

Have a lovely smoke-free time! Stay strong and we'll see you in Week 4!!! Whoop whoop!!! :D

Have a great time, don't forget the photo's!


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