No Smoking Day

5-Weeks tomorrow no fags

hi all how is every one doing im still on champix and its 5 weeks tomorrow sincee i have had a fag.Im getting as though i want to eat everything and its no good i havent been to weight watchers for 2 weeks cause i know i have put so much weight on since packing up smoking.I know i habe to go this thursday other wise i will be putting all my 5 stone i lost back on again and very quick the way im eating since packing up smoking.I even feel like a fag if the eating problem continues have anyone got the eating problem?does it calm down? any advice would be great many thanks kay

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well done on your 5 weeks Why not try some low fat things to pick I think it because we need something to do. Good luck anyway Linda. xxxxxxxxx


Agreed with all of MJ's post, just stay with it - the heath benefits quitting of smoking far outway the the temporary weight gain.

All the best


(unqualified statement above, but I'm sure my doctor would agree :cool:)


Hey guys

i have been worried about the weight thing too and i have put on a few pounds since i stopped

but the best advice someone gave me was to always have a glass of water on the go - always. And sip from it constantly. It fills u up and has no calories and helps everything "keep on moving" through you. So even if you are eating too much well you know....

the other thing was to remember the old Alan Carr thing - the physical need for a cigarette is almost indistinguishable from hunger - the glass of water trick should help

finally you gotta be tough - if you have had the incredible ability to give up smoking then you gotta be tough enough to keep a lid on the snacking too. Good luck to you, it isnt easy but you have already proven how tough you are so you can do it.


And hear endeth the lesson lol :rolleyes:

No seriously thanks Paul hun, your advice as always so welcome! ;)

ha ha glad to see your still around mate - i obviously have too much to say today :D


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