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No Smoking Day
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week 3 alcohol, food and fags

Hi All,

I'm new to the forum, was looking for the effects of alcohol when taking Champix and found this. I am on Day 17 and have had most of the side effects mentioned. Was doing really well until i went out to the races with the girls at the weekend. Had a few drinks and just wanted a fag, can’t say I really needed on or enjoyed it for that matter but had to have one. Few hours in to the night and I was on the biggest downer ever, just wanted to cry and go home, became paranoid and thought I was ruining everyone’s night so I went back to the hotel early. I’d only had a few drinks and wasn’t even merry. It was horrible. Felt the same most of yesterday and that’s why I thought I’d research the effects of alcohol whilst on this drug. Thankfully I haven't had any fags since but feel like I have cheated myself and feel like I am cheat saying I’m on day 17. Wondered if anyone else had similar experiences when drinking?

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Your not a cheat and don't go giving yourself a hard time, your doing brill. I can 't advise you on champix as i went cold turkey to avoid the side effects and get over it quicker so i can't help you there.

Alot of people avoid alcohol when quitting smoking just in case it makes us want to smoke so perhaps give the booxe a miss for a bit. :)


Keep hanging on in there skirbo and fallen angel is right - best try and avoid it for a wee while. I am on Champix too and I have only had a couple a drinks with no side effects, but I have chosen not drink for a few weeks to try and break the association. I can still have a good night out with mates on tonic water and not smoking :D


Thanks guys, I feel a bit better about it now. Its my birthday in just over a week, looks like i'll be celebrating sober. Its worth it though if it keeps me off the cigs :)


Yes you can do it ! Being sober is actually quite entertaining when you get to sit back and watch all the other drunkards make a fool of themself and then the next day you feel soooo proud of yourself for being so strong and brave.


I'd advise to keep off the drink for a bit too. The only time I've slipped is when drinking. Something lowers your reasoning or something but we all know that don't we :D


Yes I am defo staying off the drink whilst i'm on these tablets. Suppose I could be the one annoying friend that remembers all the embarresing stuff people have done and want to forget lol :p

Forgot to ask how is everyone else managing with eating? i just can't stop lol


hi skirbo

i've just been through the eating phase, i was so hungry for a week, couldnt stop eating, everything in sight! Not been drinking much either and you cant give up everything at once, so i say tuck in and enjoy :)




Thanks for your advice guys. I've decided i'm just gonna go with the flow and fill my face if I feel like it :) and deal with it later.

gonna avoid the drink till i've finished on the Chapix, means i will be sober for my birthday but i think its worth it.


am not experienced in drinking but i think all we know about harmful effect of acohol. u should give it up as soon as possible.


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