No Smoking Day

My Reasons

Really very simple I have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter, funnily enough called Anna.

Now Anna was born when I was way past the first blush of youth, I was actually 43 - although of course I have never looked anywhere near 43 in my life!!

Bit of a shock, to say the least, but that shock has turned into the greatest joy of my life.

I also have two big boys, who are 23 and 21 respectively, proud of them both, one an electrician, the other a joiner, good boys, all grown up, good jobs and left home, making their own ways in the world..

My eldest son has just made me a granny!!

To a beautiful baby girl!!

I wanna be around for both my girls and both my boys, simple as!!

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What a lovely post AM.

I can't think of a better reason to keep up your good work

Good luck;)


excellent reasons :)

keep it up

jude x


Well done I also have two sons one daughter and one grand daughter. We will do this Im sure. Xxx


damn, the best reasons to keep going....the reason we are here (without bring religion into the debate!)

love your motives

love your thoughts

stay with it, the world needs you as it's example, sleep tight tonight




Congrats Annasmummy on the birth of your new Grandaughter

I have a new grandson 1 month old, they're a blessing aren't they?

I'm babysitting him tonight so that his mum & dad can have a romantic evening out.

My children have always known me as a smoker. Thinking back it must have been dreadful for them but fortunately they haven't followed my example as they are all non-smokers. I don't want to put the grandchildren through the same.

Goodluck with the quit

Cess xxx


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