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Day 44!!

Hi All,

I know I don't post that regularly, but I assure you all that you have all played a massive part in my success so far, I cannot believe how well I am doing and just how bloody fantastic my life is right now. I can honestly say that this is the happiest I have been for a long time.

Sounds weird, but has anyone had feelings come over them that take them back to their youth, or pre-smoking days, its hard to explain. I have been going to the gym loads, as I feel it helps it see a tangible improvment in your health and fitness as a motivational tool. Well, today I came out of the gym into bright sunshine, and I had this weird feeling like i was a teenager again, it felt amazing. I have had these feelings before on nother quits, but nothing as powerful as this. Please dont think I am mental haha, but it would be good to hear if anyone else has this.

Further cementing my confidence at the mo is the fact that I have had at leats 5 big nights out, where I have got pretty ruined, and not even felt an urge to smoke. I have also noticed I am more adept at dealing with hangovers too, even went to work with one the other week which would have been unheard of prior to giving up.

One last thing before I sign off, I know everyone has their own little coping strategies, one of my main ones seems to be keeping myself clean. Now I have never been a dirty person haha (well in mind only), but I have found that I taking more showers and brushing my teeth more help, i also use mouthwash now ehich I never did before! I don't know, its almost like I want bto remind myself how nice it is to be clean and away from the despicable weed!

Anyhow, rant over. Massive respect to all the other quitters and everyone using the board. Take care!!


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Yeah - its pretty nuts isn't it. It is like a new life altogether. I am very similar to you, love the clean feeling I get and also have very little effects of hangover after night out.

I do find it though VERY difficult and my hat goes off to anyone that has also got this far.

For you, I and everyone else that has got this far - we are the statistic that gives hope to others that want to quit but can't. We should be so proud of what we have achieved.


what a lovely post to read :D

knowing ill feel like that soon is a great incentive :)




Congrats on getting this far-youre doin great:D

Well done to you!!! Lisa xx


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