still going !!

hi all just popping in to say im still going strong on my quit, day 35 now :)

not been posting much but been reading the forum most days its a big help.

cravings nearly all but gone now, only trouble im having is getting a good nights sleep, im waking up at all hours and struggling to get to sleep.

is it normal to have sleep trouble this long into your quit ?

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  • Hi Andy and well done!

    I am a few weeks behind you (I'm on 23 days and counting!!!).I had no trouble with sleep until Friday of last week - I can drop off fine but wake stupidly early - normally around five but the worst was 2:55!).

    Still, I am determined not to worry too much about it - things will level out soon I'm sure!:)

  • Hi Andy, i am plaesed to here that you are still going strong.

    I think sleep problems are quite normal. You could always try some Nytol they help me and they are herbal.


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