No Smoking Day

Nearly 4 months

Hi everyone, not been on for absolutely ages and ages, but thought I'd give you all an update. As some of you may remember I quit using the Champix, but all good now, came off the Champix before Xmas and had a few rough days over the holidays but didn't cave :D.

Its just great knowing that I'm a non smoker now and the freedom is awesome, I managed to get through a pretty tough Xmas with quite a few of my family smoking, going to loads of meals/parties with smokers and managed OK and actually enjoyed myself without smoking, yippeeeee.

Anyway thanks a ton to all who supported me through the rough stuff in the early days, keep strong, it does get better, I don't hardly think about cigs anymore, just miss the act of smoking from time to time but certainly no craving. There is light at the end of that tunnel :D

And its been 117 SMOKE FREE DAYS TODAY :cool:

Carol xx

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oh my goodness!!!!! how amazing are you!!!!!!! :D and thank you for putting faith in to all of us tryers so that we can feel good and confident with our quiting!!!! messages like this are so needed on these forums! complete and utter respect to you girl!!!! :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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