No Smoking Day
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Week Moo (3)


I think I've cornered my smoking habit, it's wounded and extremely dangerous. Oh yes, it's just eying me waiting for one little mis-step. Like if I accidentally take one step too close to that vending machine? BAM!!! I'll be smoking like it's 1950 all over again.

The road to 3 weeks is wonky. I think because I let up a little bit. It's becoming routine. It's becoming boring quite frankly, and that's when it makes one final assault on your senses. Oh, you know I want it. But it just ain't going to happen. My wife would sooOOoo leave me if I put her through days 1,2 and 3 again. No doubt about that at all.

I think my problem to is that I never developed a strong hatred of cigarettes. Still don't... I mean I know it's unhealthy(understatement) and all... but that's all on me in my little world.

Lost my train of thought...

Anyways, yeah. I'm surprised I lasted this long quite frankly in a totally good way. I had no plan really, a couple of warm up attempts... you know... like when you're pushing a swing, getting ready for the really big one. Then just went for it. Goooooooo.

First 3 days I used NRT Gum (We don't have Champix over here) then just went cold turkey after that. It worked well for me. I could deal with all the psychological withdrawls first... before dealing with the chemical nicotine. I would have rather done it the other way around, but I just couldn't figure that one out :D

So here we are.

I really don't want to smoke. But if there was something just like it... I'd probably start doing it immediately :D

Oh well,

Moo, Moo, Moo ... week 3 for all of you.

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Well Done Moo, keep up the good work mate. Its a rocky journey i know, but soooo worth it. xxx :D


Your doing great well done xx


Congrats on week 3 - baby moo is going to love you for this. :)


keep it up. your doing sooooooooooo well.


go moooooooo :D

Seems like you've reasoned well with the demon and left it no alternative other than to go from you tail between legs ;)

Stay strong

~Buffy x x


Thanks for all the support, assorted gang.

Well it's 3 weeks and 7 hours now. I guess I could move up to one month. But I think I'm going to move on for a while :D

3 Hours

3 Days

3 Weeks

3 Months

3 Years

Those are the mile stones I'm working on. Eek! It's the long haul next. But I'm feelin' pretty good these days and I'm at least a little used to the cravings by now. The good news is, they aren't as half as bad as they once were and my worry meter is close to zero.

I'm sleeping great (once I got my coffee formula re-worked) ... the dreams are still pretty and intense :D. I've drank alcohol, passed all my favorite cigarette machines, been around smokers, been offered cigarettes and I'm still here (Yay me parade :P)

This site was great! It helped a lot to know I wasn't the first... the only... or even the worst case scenario going on at the same time. Lots and lots and lots of stuff to keep a Moo busy reading during those first 3 hellish days (Yay you parade).

So, jah ne.

I will bop back by for month 3 or heaven forbid... Day one (NEVAR!!!!)

Take care all and good luck,

Moo. ;)


Hey well done moo im nearly there with you about an hour then im officially a 3 weeker lol oh but today has been hard but that little monster didnt get me ,take care love reading your messages they do make me laugh .

Lorraine xx


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