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No Smoking Day
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Hello Guys!!!!!

Just a quick question, I am on Day 9 and it is TRUE that week 2 is the hardest,and I keep thinking that when I ditch the patches( Defo not yet) will I have to go through all the withdrawl again,cos the body seems to go through so many different phases of Nic withdrawl,so am I just putting this off by using them( really sorry if babbling:() and will I still be this desparate for a cig AGAIN!!!!!:rolleyes:

Thanks Guys

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hi ya hunnie. you're right, week 2 can be the worst - it was for me. all i can say is it does get easier. i am on week 3 now, nearly week 4 and i have bad days but in general the cravings have lessened.

you will not have bad cravings after you come off the patches because as boudee said, the patches are a gradual way to wean yourself off the nicotine. Plus, you are getting rid of the habit of not smoking.

Get through week 2, it was the worst for me and see how you feel in week 3. it is definately better for me than week 2 was. As i said i have bad days but it's usually one or two days in a week and it's usually the onset of something stressful the cravings will lessen hun, im sure.

three days and i am on a month!!!! imagine how chuffed you will be when you get here!!!!

keep at it. you are doing so well. i am so proud of you. Love you. :D x x x


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