No Smoking Day


Just to say ive made it to day 2 yippeee (am a happy girl) :) not feeling too bad today, just..... hungry omg! but ive taken your advice est4elvis, philfromwales and jude :) got lots of fruit and veg chopped up to keep me going (even though chips and chocolate smell sooooo much nicer lol). so well done everyone on day 2 and hopefully see you in the next room tomorrow

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chips and chocolate

at the same time? ;)

Best of luck!


well done ! :)

jude x


hmmm nope didnt think about eating them at the same time, mmmm may have to try it though :P .... joking but defo one after the other, but then im a chocoholic :D


Chocoholic, yes love it mmmmmmmmmmm


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