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What the heck is happening


Im going blooming crazy. Ive been quit now 3 weeks and 3 days and the last few days have been a nightmare. Those thoughts just wont go away and its making me bloody miserable. Yes i keep thinking sod this for a lark i cant be doing with this forever.:mad:

Week 2 was so easy why ohhhh why am i feeling so shitty

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awwww i know what you mean I had a shitty day on day 14 ......but it will pass really it will.....I know last week has probably lulled you into a false sense of security but don't be disheartened......

you have come sooooooo far

it doesn't last forever and the steps do get easier to climb......

sending a cyber hug and a dose of extra willpower don't let it get to you now :rolleyes:

Michelle :D

Moony do not panic it's normal to feel like this.

After about two weeks you start to feel like you're on a rollecrcoaster. Instead of every day being bad, you start to get a few good days, the good days get more and more, you become happier, then all of a sudden out of nowhere you get a bad day.......you become sad again. Sometimes that bad day can run into two or three days or even a week....but the rollercoaster always climbs back to the top again. Just hang on in there and things will get better. The key to a successful quit is riding out the bad days until they become less and less and eventually dissapear for good. We are all here and on different bits of the rollercoaster at different times. Stick with it, you should be reaching a peak again anytime soon :)

Hiya Moony

This will pass. I did the most ridiculous things when I had days like this, I used to sing really loudly, mostly nursery rhymes, just to drown out the thoughts in my head, then before you know it they have gone.

I remember posting on here about my singing and then I forgot I had done it until someone posted on here, thats how quickly this passes.

Get through this week and I promise you it gets so much easier.

Wishing you all the luck in the world.

Lillie xxxx

sounds like a dose of 'the terrible threes.' it happens. read up on it on why quit site it explains better than i can.

Mash x

My Theory:

I think it's because the little Nicodemon is getting really scared, so he rests up for a few days or a week to gain strength and then throws a really big tantrum. Remember, it's all in your mind. It may feel like physicval cravings, but it's NOT!!!

Ignore him and he will get weaker and weaker until he doesn't even have the strength to get your attention anymore.

Thank you for your support. I'm holding on

Well done Moony. Keep going, I promise it will get better. One day at a time.

Just in case you haven't seen it, the 'terrible threes':


H x

It gets worse

I hate to be the guy who "tells it like it is", but sometimes I think this forum is a bit too much hugs and kisses and not enough practical, hands-on advice and support.

For me, being on day 63, it seems harder then ever. Sure, the first bit was tough but for over 10 days now I've absolutely lusted for a smoke. Can't get my mind off them no matter how much I exercise, work, sleep, what ever, I've tried it all.

No one has given me much help either other than "it gets better". Well, it doesn't. It actually, for me, gets harder.

I don't want to discourage anyone. I'm not turning back. I just think I should be honest - it is a constant battle and struggle. I wish someone had given me that heads up earlier in my qui so I would have been more mentally prepared.

Think about it, we are recovering addicts.

Teleguy you'll find plenty of posts on here telling it like it is. It's not all hearts and flowers, it's trying to support each other as we all know exactly how hard it is. What's the point in me telling you "yeah it's sh@t mate and you'll never feel any better" there is no point in that, you would be smoking again in no time. It does in fact get better or no one would ever quit. You are obviously having trouble with cravings, there is no magic cure, you do really just have to get on with it and fight your way through, we here on the hearts and flowers forum usually get each other through ;) I've said this before, don't presume the people on here to be weak or unhelpful because they are kind to each other, most have a will of iron to be here and quitting in the first place!

Moony it will get easier....I'm 8 weeks into my quit. I say it gets easier after the first month as you have had to confront most of your smoking triggers by then. After that it's kind of having to develop a better way of coping when a stress trigger comes along. I'm still having stressful situations (hey, that's life) but I'm trying to learn how to cope with them better. As long as at our core we know we will never smoke again....then we'll get through it.

I also do believe that the people on this forum who say it like it is get a rough time from other forum members. This place can get too touchy feely at times and people get over sensitive and jump at peoples posts when its not too their liking. It's putting my off posting a bit cos I think well I'm gonna get toasted here if I type that. Maybe I should just express my opinion anyway as a different take on things might help other people that aren't built a certain way.

Teleguy....I think you have to look at your mindset. If you're romanticising about ciggies then try and stop it. We both know if you have that ciggie it will taste f***ing awful. Remember the first ciggie you ever smoked , it was truly bad. You'll feel like shit and a failure cos you've smoked again. Have a look at the reasons why you wanted to quit again, this will strengthen any weaknesses. It really is your mind trying to convince yourself that having a ciggie will make things all better for you...it won't. You're mind is being controlled by the nico shitter and is fooling you. We're all doing well, don't give in.

Lisa x

feeling low

I always get seasonal awareness disorder about now. And to get myself going again wont happen til these holidays are out of the way. I so need a fag to tie me over 1 or 2 or 3even im not going to suffer why should i. I know how my mind works ive had to take extra meds for this. Im on edge so im fed up and so bloody bored. As my OH is still in bed asleep. How i wish i was somewhere else far away. Jacqui

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